Wedding is not all about fun and pretty events. It becomes quite overwhelming when it comes to selecting vendors and signing contracts with them.

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The management of the entire wedding depends on the way the wedding planners, caterers, and other vendors work

Here are some tips that a couple must consider before signing a wedding contract with the vendors.

1.     Read the contract carefully

It is better to read the contract more than once and ask the vendor for the terms that are vague and the ones you don’t understand fully. It will save you from any unforeseen situation (legal or otherwise) later on. Moreover, do not rely on verbal contracts. If your vendor agrees on specific services on a certain price, write it down on the contract before signing.

2.     Carefully skim through the services

The vendors contracts often come with the services provided by them; however, the do not outline the services that are not offered. The services you want from the vendor should be discussed clearly in order to avoid any mismanagement during the wedding day. At the very first day of your meeting with the vendor, you should be clear about your wants and must ask for transparent prices of the required services.

3.     Be specific

You need to be specific while ordering something to avoid confusion. For instance, you must provide the details of the flowers to the florist instead of just telling them the color you want. The specifications must be included in the wedding contract as well in clear and proper terms for the future reference.

4.     Clear-cut payment information

The weddings are often funded by more than one party. Therefore, it is necessary to specific this on the contract that which party is paying for which service. Without this information being mentioned in the contract, the person who signed the contract will be responsible for paying even if he/she verbally informed the vendor about the paying party.

5.     Have a look at the breach of contract statement

You must always be aware of the compensations that a vendor has to make in case he fails to deliver the services he promised. This may not help you get rid of the situation you are in, but it will surely compensate with any financial loss involved.

6.     Check the payment guidelines

Before hiring a vendor and signing a wedding contract with them, it is necessary to go through the payment terms and select only those vendors, which suit you the most. For instance, some vendors require advance payments while others prefer to receive payments afterwards. Have a look at vendor’s policy to avoid any financial issue later on. 

7. Review the cancellation policy

Cancellation policy and fees must be carefully read before signing the contract as any event could lead to the cancellation of the contract. You must go through the cancellation requirements and the time before which you need to notify the vendor about the change in plans. You should also discuss the policies related to rescheduling the wedding.

You must review the contract before signing it before the time designated by the vendor. This way you can have your spot in the vendor’s list and can also enjoy the wedding without the worry of any hidden policies or charges related to the services you are getting.




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