It is a beautiful feeling to have someone you can call your best friend, and it is even more overwhelming when this best friend becomes your maid of honor. You finally have someone who will accompany you down the aisle while holding your gown.

7 Fun ways to ask your best friend to be your maid of honor. Photo by Artefoto
Photo by Artefoto

There are no stereotype ways of asking someone to be your maid of honor. It would be best if you made the moment surrounding the proposal beautiful, fun and memorable.

Below include various ways in which you can ask your best friend to be your maid of honor.

1. Take her to the movies

You can make a plan with those in charge of a cinema of your choice to display a maid of honor proposal. After watching the film with your best friend, you can then pop the question. How will you do this? Make a slideshow of some of your pictures together and have them played after the movie with the question, “will you be my maid of honor?” at the end of the slideshow. It will make her so happy seeing her pictures on the ‘big wall.’

2. Throw a party

You can throw a party for all your bridesmaids and in the middle of the party, call the attention of everyone and pop the question. Better still, you can make t-shirts for all your bridesmaids with the maid of honors own made in a different color and maid of honor written on it. Have them wear them at the party. Draw your best friends’ attention to the mirror so she can see what has been written on it.

3. Send her personalized items

Another beautiful way of asking your best friend to be your maid of honor is to send her a gift or items personalized with MOH, meaning maid of honor.  Examples of such items include a bracelet or a necklace.

4. Ask them personally

You can ask your best friend to be your maid of honor, by merely asking them individually in a fun and emotionally-filled way. Bring forth a story of your friendship experiences that makes the moment worth remembering. Example “you have been my best friend from childhood to date, a lot of beautiful memories have been built within these years. I remember building houses on the sand with you and fighting anyone who hurt you. Every day spent with you is a beautiful memory including today which I ask you to be my maid of honor”. Put some emotions into the proposal, recount memorable events you have attended together, and all the funny things you have done together.

5. Make an album

Produce an album containing all your pictures together. Make a collage of your separate pictures with “will you be my maid of honor?” in the middle of the picture. Or rather have the question popped at the end of the album.

6. Send her a gift

Sending her a gift is another excellent way to pop the question. Send her a gift of something you know she likes, such as a bag, a purse or even a shoe. Then write a beautiful note asking her to be your maid of honor and slot it into the gift.

7. Take her out

Plan for a lunch or dinner date with your best friend. Then prior to the time for the date, make an agreement with the restaurant to serve her plate covered containing a beautiful glittery note asking her to be your maid of honor.




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