Everyone wants a happy and peaceful relationship with their partner, but life often puts us in situations that have to be tackled with watchfulness and positive attitude.

7 Bad habits that can ruin your relationship and wedding. Photo by Marc Prades.
Photo by Marc Prades.

Both partners must adopt healthy habits that reinforce their relationship and must avoid the ones that drift them apart.

Here is a list of some bad habits that become the end of a romantic relationship.

1.     Avoiding your partner

Today’s digital era is making it hard for people to separate their work life from their private life. Moreover, excessive social media engagement is drifting people away from the relationships they have. Therefore, it is necessary to give time to your home and partner whenever possible and communicate with them to solve the mutual issues. Avoiding the problems and cutting off the communication can result into some serious troubles.

2.     Not listening to what the other has to say

This is the worst habit when it comes to intimate relationships. Not paying attention to the details and not giving complete attention to your partner when they are talking to you gives out a meaning that you don’t really care about them. This kind of behavior can built up tensions between the couple.

3.     Not talking about financial matters

This is an important matter, especially when it comes to the expenses of a wedding. For a marriage to sustain, it is important that both the partners are open and honest with each other. Instead of talking about money and mutual expenses as a personal issue, the couple must tackle with it professionally. Hiding such matters and not talking about them will only give rise to long-term conflicts.

4.     Disregarding your partner’s needs

Relationships are all about doing small stuff for each other. Similarly, the act of ignoring and disregarding your partner’s needs, intentionally or unintentionally, no matter how small they are, may result into a break up. Not asking your partner if they are alright when the clearly are not can create unspoken clashes between you two.

5.     Restricting your partner

People should understand that everyone has a private life, even their partners. It is the right of every human being to spend some time with themselves and their friends. Restricting your partner from going out and have their personal time can ruin a relationship, no matter how long and strong it is.

6.     Not communicating

Some people simply avoid talking about the things they don’t like, which can weaken the relationship. Not talking just because you are afraid of a fight is not the right thing to do. Tell your partner about your feelings and let them tell theirs clearly. Unresolved traumas and conflict avoidance can be harmful in the long run.

7. Expecting unrealistic things

It is quite common to expect things from your significant others; however, forcing your partner to fulfill the standards you have set can cause anger and resentment. Showing disappointment in your partner when they fail to achieve your unrealistic demands is the most unreasonable and petty thing to do.




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