Destination weddings have become the preferred way for most couples to tie their knots in the 21st century. A lot of people desire an exotic wedding event out of their town of residence. 



One of the reasons for destination weddings is, most people shy away from feeding over hundreds of people at a wedding party. Others just want to lavish some cash. Still, some choose destination weddings as a symbol of wealth in a world where everyone seeks to be spotted on every social media platform and blogs. They all want the highest number of likes, followers, and comments for “wedding of the year”.


Regardless of the category you fall in, you definitely wish for an epic destination wedding. Knowing you have already gotten a perfect spot for your “I do” ceremony, it is important to lay down some important things to do a week ahead of your destination wedding. In this write up, we will provide for you tips on six things you should do a week before your destination wedding.


1.Do Your Confirmations.

A week to your destination wedding is not a time to plan but to be sure that all the things you requested for have been put in order. Make sure your flight, seat number and those of your wedding guests have been confirmed. This is to avoid last-minute embarrassments. Secondly, make sure your destination wedding venue is checked. Check for correct hall/space setting, decorations, and security. Equally, do your cake confirmations, number of participants, as well as wedding budget. This is to ensure that you are within your wedding budget.


2.Get To Your Destination.

 Since destination weddings involve leaving one town to another or one country to another, it is important you visit the venue a week before. This is because, you will need to make sure the location is vacant and will be vacant at the time of your wedding.


3.Make All Payments.

It will be very convenient for you to take care of any debts, be it of the bride’s gown, groom’s suit, wedding cake, venue bills, payment to vendors and a lot more. In the case of any arrangements for payments after the wedding proper, make sure to discuss it with the person(s) involved. This will help you avoid embarrassments on the wedding day proper.


4.Check Your Outfits.

Make sure the bride has her gown checked for any corrections and adjustments. Also, the groom’s attire needs to be placed in order i.e., his clothes, shoes, and necessary accessories. The bride should do same. The bridal train and groomsmen should also do well to assess their attires and accessories.



For any successful occasion, preparation and practice are of utmost importance. Do well to practice your dance moves perfectly. The hosts of the day should rehearse as well.


6. Go Shopping!

This is the moment you get to visit the market the most. Get whatever is left as well as extras for backup! Equally, you should go for some facial and body massage. It is your wedding day! You should strive to look perfect and make the occasion perfect too.


A destination wedding needs a lot of preparations to give it the spark it deserves. One other very vital thing to do a week ahead of your destination wedding is to get some rest. With a lot of preparations going on during this time, it is good to get some rest. This helps to do away with all the stress resulting from the planning process. Also, if you have interest in taking pre-wedding photos, it is advisable you take them a week ahead at your destination wedding venue. With these and more, you are guaranteed the perfect destination wedding ceremony.   

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