Getting married is an event many people think happen once in a lifetime.

Many couples want this day to be perfect and end up spending more than their initial budget.

5 Ways to save money on big day. Photo by Can Mateuet.
Photo by Can Mateuet.


While choosing the perfect gown or perfect venue for your wedding in Spain, don’t let one event use up your entire life savings.

Those who will rather not spend their life saving on their special day can make use of the tips below to organize an ideal but less costly wedding ceremony.


1. Avoid Getting Married on a Saturday

Scheduling your wedding on a Saturday is advantageous for your guests.

This may sound awkward, nevertheless, it is preferable that you schedule your wedding ceremony on a Friday or Sunday.

Only those who really have you at heart will attend your wedding and there will be fewer guests.

Check the various wedding venues and you will be surprised at the price difference between scheduling a wedding on a Sunday or Friday instead of a Saturday. It is way cheaper.


2. Keep it Intimate

Nowadays, having your whole family, extended family and friends at your wedding doesn’t really matter.

You can invite just your closest of friends and family for your special day.

This is a win-win situation because you will save more and will spend your special day with those closest to you.


3. Shop as Second-hand Stores or in Bulk

When you shop in bulk, you will save more regardless of whether the items are large or small.

You will get sizable discounts on items such as dishes, beverages, cutlery and napkins at bulk stores.

After the wedding, resell the items you don’t need going forward or donate them to charity for a reduction in taxes.


4. Avoid Venues which have Exclusivity Clauses

Most often, you might look at the price tag on a venue and say to yourself “This looks relatively affordable!”.

Later on, you realize that the price tag doesn’t include essential things such as chairs, tables, a dance floor, and other necessary items which will spice up your wedding day.

When searching for a wedding venue in Spain, be sure to check that the venue doesn’t have any exclusivity contract with a vendor.

When you are forced to use a specific vendor, your ability to bargain and negotiate is completely nullified.


5. Go for a Paperless Wedding Invitation

The world nowadays has become so digitalized so much so that there is no need for paper invitations.

You can opt for paperless invitations which your guest can include on their calendars.

There are several companies which can help you with these types of invitations in Spain.

This will go a long way to reduce costs (cost of printing out paper invitations).


With the above tips, you can save more, purchase your dream car, and enjoy your honeymoon at your dream location.

You can organize the ideal wedding way cheaper than you expected and still make that day special for both you and your guests. Amazing! Isn’t it?







5 Ways to save money on big day

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