Alignment in a relationship simply means living and loving in the same direction as your partner. This should be the goal of every couple. However, if you do not put an effort to align your core values and visions with your partner, your relationship wouldn’t last long. Relationships shouldn’t feel awkward or complicated.

5 Values you and your partner should be aligned on. Photo by Andreu Doz Photography

Photo by Andreu Doz Photography

Are you truly aligned with your partner? Given the fact that you two fell in love with each other, there’s a high chance you both share some common values. It is important to make sure that these values comprise of ones that will bring joy and happiness to your relationship. Having the same values in a relationship is very important. They indicate what matters most to you. With this, you will go on smoothly.


Here are some of the most important values you and your partner should be aligned on.

1. Trust

Trust is a fundamental value. The ability to trust each other is the foundation upon which you’ll build your relationship. Trust creates a safe space, and it is what will make your relationship stronger.

2. Time

Now and then, we all get busy. But, spending quality time with your partner is an essential ingredient to spice up your relationship. You both should agree on how much time you’ll dedicate to each other. Many couples do not understand this. Most believe they can make it up when things settle down. The truth is, you’ll only get more occupied as the years go by. It is best you set aside time to spend together. This will help strengthen your relationship.

3. Work Ethic

If you do not have a good feeling about your partner’s work ethic, it’s essential you make sure your priorities align. It gets complicated when two people have a different conception about work. This can lead to many problems in a relationship. But, when you both have the same values, you’ll understand and support each other’s goals.

4. Money

Money is a sensitive subject! It is the most complicated topic in marriages. Set aside time and talk about how you can successfully live together when it concerns money. No matter the decision you take, you and your partner should be on the same side to prevent issues related to income from arising.

5. Family Planning

A “tête-à-tête” about your family plans is a must if you both are planning to spend your entire lives together. This includes;

  • The number of children you’ll like to have
  • When you want to have your kids
  • How you plan to raise them.

Most often, people are shocked to realize that their partners do not share the same vision with them when it comes to family planning. Talk with your partner, tell him or her your plans so that you both can be on the same page.


Falling in love is easy, and it feels good. However, staying in love requires much work. Once your honeymoon is over, it becomes apparent how vital relationship alignment is. In a relationship, communication is key. Do not be self-centered; always make sure you consider what your partner needs.








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