Spain has numerous beautiful locations that are best for an amazing destination wedding. However, when it comes to a destination wedding, minor decisions could add up enormous costs to the wedding budget.

5 Unforeseen costs of a wedding in Spain. Photo by Can Mateuet
Photo by Can Mateuet

You need to look at the following information before planning the budget of your wedding.

1. Wedding Venue

The expenses of a wedding in Spain depend on different factors like the type of location and the time of the year. For instance, in Canary Island, the cost of a wedding with 100 guests is 1200 Euro while in Madrid, the cost for the same wedding goes up to 21,000 Euros. So it is important to take a thorough look at the location options before selecting the right site.

2. Time of the Year

The second factor to consider is the time of the year. The months between May and October are the most expensive regarding the costs of the venues. Therefore, it’s better to plan a wedding between November and April, when most of the tariffs are reduced.  Same is true for the time of the week, as weekends cost more than the weekday weddings.

For a destination wedding, it is wise to select Friday or Sunday instead of Saturday, when the prices of venue, dinner, and open bar are comparatively higher due to high demand. Another most important expenditure to plan for ahead of time is of the plane tickets. The prices of plane tickets fluctuate unpredictably, regardless of the gas prices. Therefore it is necessary to allocate a considerable portion of the budget for the transport price and the fare for the resorts or motels.

3. Decoration

Decoration is one of the most expensive things when it comes to a destination wedding in Spain, especially when the intention is to use the expensive and in-trend flowers for decoration. If no wisely chosen, the flowers could put a huge burden on the pre-planned budget, and can even exceed it from the expected figures. Furthermore, the decoration is not just limited to the venue, as the ceremony is decorated as well, hence putting more burden on the budget.

A simple addition of bridal bouquet, candles, and flowers can easily raise the budget from 3000 to 20,000 Euros. Moreover, the type of location, number of hours, and the style will also multiply the prices of photography, which normally starts from 1500 Euros a day. Similarly, an outdoor location will also incur some extra costs for catering and furniture, even if the venue offers a bar or menu.

4. Wedding Dress

Wedding dress the most important thing to consider as the accessories with it, such as veil, headdress, jewelry, shoes, and lingerie, can add up some additional amount to the pre-planned budget. A primary cost related factor to consider is the home service for makeup, hairdo, and aesthetics, as they cost more than a simple hair dressing service at the salon.

Here, the expenses of the DJ or live music should also be considered.  Usually the prices of live music in Spain are between 300 and 600 Euros; however, these prices can go up to 1000 Euros if bands or dancers are hired for the ceremony.

5. Wedding Stationery

There are some costs that are not given much importance initially, such as the costs of menus, invitation cards, and small gifts for the guests. However, these items can add up an additional amount of up to 500 Euros in the budget. Therefore, it is wise to look at these apparently “small” costs before planning a wedding in this country.




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