The most exciting moment of your life is here. Your wedding day, hurray!

It is not strange to get excited whenever you dream about celebrating this day with your close relatives and friends. But hey! Do not be carried away! One thing makes planning a little complicated. Guess what? The guest list. Yes, you read that right! Creating the guest list is arguably less exciting. It is the most stressful part when planning a wedding.

5 Tips for handling your B wedding guests list. Photo by Las Bodas de Pantamaría.
Photo by Las Bodas de Pantamaría.

Even when you want to keep your wedding small, there are many people you wish to invite. You need to invite your family and friends, your fiancé’s family and friends, and all those related to both families. Putting all of these people on your guest list could mean going above your venue’s capacity. Now comes the big question, what’s the way out? Create a B-Guest List! This sounds easy, but believe me, it isn’t.

However, with some additional prep on the front-end, you can get it done without any mistake. The tips listed below will make it much easier!


1. Decide on Your B-Guest List Early

If you suspect you will have to separate your guest list into two (an A-list and B-list), make the decision ASAP! The earlier you separate the list, the sooner you will make the necessary arrangements for invitations.


2. Put Close Relative and Friends on the same List

You wouldn’t want your friends and relatives comparing with one another while figuring who’s more important. The best way to avoid this is to define a set of criteria for the A-list and the B-list. Ensure you apply this to the latter to keep things consistent and organized.


3. Do not forget Your RSVP Date

After all, all those in your B-list will be invited. So, make sure you give them enough time to plan appropriately. It would be unfair to inform your B-list attendants few days to your wedding.  They won’t have time to prepare, especially if your wedding involves traveling. Send out your invitations earlier than usual. It could be earlier than the two-months mark, but do not keep the one-month RSVP deadline out. Hopefully, those who can’t make it will let you know ahead of time.


4. Keep Your Lists Secret

Who you invite to celebrate in your joy entirely complicated on you. This doesn’t mean you should let everyone know who’s coming to your wedding. Be respectful and keep your B-list a secret. Do not let your family or friends know who’s on you’re A-list or B-list. Keep it to yourself. You’d never want to hurt the feelings of anyone who might still end up having an invitation.


5. Ensure the B-List is a Comprehensive Group

Make sure your B wedding guest list is made up of understanding people. This will avoid any potential argument or frustration. This guest list should comprise of people who truly understand your personality.


To conclude, having a B-list is very important. It is the best way to get your family and friends to celebrate with you.






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