Research has proven that most couples usually relax after the wedding. Usually, the care and concern that each partner used to shower the other with during the courtship, engagement, and pre-wedding phases of their relationship tends to fade away once they have tied the knot.

5 Things you should do for your relationship after the wedding. Photo by Salva Lluch.
Photo by Salva Lluch.

This is usually as a result of confusion or worry on if they have made the right decision marrying the person they married. The question that often comes to mind is, “Is he/she the right one for me?”

Most people think that marriage is about marrying the right person – Mr./Miss Right. While it is true that marrying a person you are compatible with helps the process, compatibility is just 20 percent of what your marriage needs to become that fairy tale you always dreamed of. The remaining 80 percent is about doing the right things with the person you tied the knot with. This means that a happy and successful marriage is constant and progressive work. And this work begins immediately after your wedding.

What should you do for your Relationship after your Wedding?

1. Avoid being too critical

Many marriages usually lead to that stage wherein partners critically observe each other and zero in on each other’s mistakes in an effort to build a case to be used at a later date. Living together with someone makes it easy for you to pick them apart and notice some annoying habits which you might have missed when you first fell in love. The truth is that your partner has always had these qualities; you might have missed them because you are far more critical now than you were when you were dating.

2. Treat your partner kindly

Rather than being too critical, treat your partner kindly as this is a vital element of a happy marriage. Kindness breeds love in any relationship, and taking more loving actions towards your partner actually makes you feel more in love. It is essential to express yourself kindly whether personally or practically. Kindness can soften your partner, even during heated arguments. Love and generosity in a relationship strengthen your relationship by forging a deeper level of intimacy between you and your partner.

3. Reminisce about the early days of your relationship

The way something is presented affects how it is received. This is especially true when discussing the earlier days of your relationship. Being wistful about the past can be the basis for an unhappy marriage. Rather than complaining about the fact that your partner doesn’t do stuff they used to do before, appreciate and enjoy the moments you shared. In so doing, you both reminisce over the happy memories and understand what you need to do to keep the relationship happy and horny.

4. Get to know your partner’s friends

This is a crucial aspect of any relationship. Most people fail here as they feel friends do not have an impact on the state of their relationship. Friends are a vital part of your partner’s life, so it is important to plan the occasional group outing with your partner’s friends to know them better. Some friends – especially in the early stages of your marriage – know your spouse better than you do. Bonding with them gives you an understanding of the kind of person your spouse is which will prove vital in building a happy home.

5. Touch each other as often as possible

Even if it’s just holding hands or touching your spouse’s cheek when he/she kisses you, it is important to touch your partner as often as possible. Look into his/her eyes often, kiss her on the forehead before bed or in the morning when you wake up, hug him from the back when he’s watching TV and give him a peck – these are little deeds that cost nothing but keep the relationship healthy and alive.

Marriage is about consistency, constant hard work, and dedication to making each other happy. It’s the little things that make all the difference; find your own little thing and remain consistent.




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  1. Hi, this is such an amazing article for those newlyweds this year! As a relationship by forging a deeper level of intimacy between you and your partner goes along, do you think after the first 3-6 months as a husband and wife is the best time to talk about having kids? Thanks for the great tip!

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