Apparently, there is one thing you must do on your wedding day – get married.

Your wedding day is like a movie premiere in which you are the main actor.

You will be pulled in many different directions, but you’ll need to stay calm.

5 Things you must do on your wedding day. Photo by Artefoto
Photo by Artefoto

At the end of everything, you’ll realize that it was just a small part of the total experience. Fortunately for you, there are things you can do to keep it all together on that day.

Read on to discover the things a groom needs to do on his wedding day to stay sane!


1. Take a Walk

This is one of the most important things you must do on your wedding day.

It is the best way to center yourself. Trust me; you’ll need it.

During the planning phase, you’ve made a ton of decisions, and you’re trying to recall them all. Get up and take a walk. It will help you keep it together.

A solid wedding walk is a perfect way to clear your mind on a day you’ll want to be as sharp as possible.


2. Say Your Wedding Vows Out Loud

You’ve spent a considerable amount of time to write your vows. You obviously wouldn’t want any mistake.

During your wedding walk, take some few minutes and say them out loud. Since this requires a lot of practice, say them over and over.

You’ll want to deliver them with passion and enthusiasm. To make it feel real and sensitive, look at yourself through a mirror while saying them.


3. Write a Note

There are just a few days in your life you can write and express your true feelings.

Your wedding day is one of them. Yes, you read that, right! Let’s assume your soon to be spouse is nervous the morning of the wedding.

Write a sweet and straightforward note telling her how lucky you are to have her in your life.

Have one of your men give it to her while she’s getting ready for the wedding.

Nothing calms the nerves of a woman more than a declaration of love from her lover.


4. Get Some Food and Eat Smart

During the actual wedding, you’ll be pulled in many directions.

This is going to wear you out. It is always wise to eat before the wedding proper.

You might not have time to eat at all. And drink a lot of water. Also, make the right choices of what gets into your mouth.

You should avoid strong coffee, garlic, and onions as you’ll be hugging and kissing a lot of people.


5. Be Punctual

If anyone has to be late, it should be your bride.

She should get fashionable, dealing with the hair, the makeup, and the dress.

But you, the groom who is actually wearing a classier version of your everyday outfit, should be ready in minutes.

You can have an additional 5 minute if you are to put on a tie. So, be punctual and get the ball rolling!





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