Finally, he popped the question!

You are getting married to your soulmate.

This is one of the happiest moments of every bride-to-be’s life.

5 Things to deal with when you first get engaged. Photo by Caribú.
Photo by Caribú Fotografia.

You can’t explain the excitement you are feeling and even have a kick of panic.

Don’t be worried, this is a very normal reaction.

It is not easy to leave from just-dating to just-engaged.

Now what?

We want to guide you on the first steps you should take after getting engaged.

Read on!


1. Take Some Time Off to Enjoy Life After Your Engagement.

In this digitalized and hyper-connected world, your first instinct will be to post the amazing news on social media.

You’ll want to inform all your Instagram followers or anybody who engages in such a discussion.

Hold on a little, suck it in and enjoy post-engagement moments with your fiancée.

Pop a bottle of champagne and savour the moment.

You’ll be glad you did that.


2. Spread the Good News to Your Family and Closest Friends.

You won’t want your family members and closest friends to get the news of your engagement from social media websites.

Before spreading the word to complete strangers, call each and every family member and friends who are like family.

Tell them you said Yes! This will warm their hearts unlike if they heard the good news from some other source.

Once you informed the VIP’s, you can then go on a social media rampage.


3. Get a Manicure

Your hands will be in the spot light for quite some time after your engagement.

It is important that you get a manicure and ensure they are on fleek at all points in time.

Ensure that your nails are neat.

Some people will focus on the crooked nature of your hands rather than they beautiful engagement ring.

Do not give them that chance!


4. Insure and Size Your Ring

In the event that your partner didn’t plan ahead of time and gets you a ring which doesn’t fit perfectly, it is imperative that you resize the ring.

Take it back to the jeweller and get it resized to fit. This is to ensure that it doesn’t get lost.

You wouldn’t want to lose this particular piece of jewellery. You also need to get the ring insured on the off chance that it gets lost or stolen. This way, insurance will replace it without you spending a dime.


5. Pick a Date

This is the most exciting part. Finally, you have to pick a wedding date.

The most successful weddings are those planned far in advance. Start thinking of the various venues you’ll like and get them booked well ahead of time.

Find out what suits both your families and settle any conflicts early enough.


Now you have time to plan for your big day. After carrying out the above tasks, you are good to go. Plan for the biggest and most important day of your life.







5 Things to deal with when you first get engaged

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