The fun part should not end immediately the wedding and honeymoon are over. Married couples generally need to carry out a number of activities to keep their marital flames blazing at all times. Usually, several couples fail to explore the opportunity to make the most of their marriage during the first year. 

  5 THINGS TO CROSS OFF YOUR YEAR-ONE CHECKLIST                                              


Meanwhile, at the beginning of the marriage, people are often on their best behaviors. This is to ensure the marriage works at all costs. As a result of this, most couples try to do all they can to ensure they are loved and cherished by their partners. For example, they are extra nice to each other, more loving and patient, and are likely to grant almost every request made by their partners. Couples looking to make the most of their married life after the first year should try the activities mentioned below.


1.Try a New Hobby

You should try out new activities which you both like and have never tried before. It could be any new sporting activity, a fitness class of your choice, learning a new skill together, or watching movies. This will create a high degree of bonding and will help keep the connection fresh and exciting. 


2.Keep the Mind, Body, and Spirit Connected.

This is another idea you should place on your year-one checklist as it will enrich your life together as a couple. Choosing activities that keep the mind, body, and spirit connected will help strengthen the bond between you and your spouse. Get involved in intellectual activities like reading books, and attending lectures together. You could also carry out exercises such as sports, and recreational leagues. Other activities such as yoga, adventure trips, dancing, etc. also go a long way to help.


3.Re-Experience Your First Date

This is an ideal activity that will rekindle your marital romance. Go back in time and relive the moment you first met. Find time to revisit remarkable areas like the spot you went to on your first date. Talk about the experience you had, spend the evening focusing on your life together and nothing else. This will rekindle the romantic connection during the first year of your life together as a couple.


4.Find a Way to Play Together

Some couples find it hard to talk to each other during the first year of their marriage. This is because they fail to create that relaxed atmosphere around them. There is the common adage; “couples who play together stay together”. Find crazy things to do in and out of your closet. Joke and prank each other, play games such as; Hide and Seek, Ping Pong, etc. that are competitive and flirtatious. This might sound awkward; however, these activities will assist in molding your friendship with each other.


5.Make Out Time to Share Your Thoughts

When our lives get busy, we sometimes fail to talk to our partners in meaningful ways. For this reason, we should create quality time to connect with our partner frequently. This will provide a platform on which you can share your thoughts and talk to each other. Create to appreciate your spouse, share your experiences, worries, things you have noticed that you don’t like, and your future plans.


Marriage is a lifetime journey; you can’t travel alone. It can’t be beautiful and successful without you working together as a team. Couples who wish to have successful marriages should cross the above things off their year-one checklist. This will help strengthen the bond they share and improve the chances of a long life together as a couple. Your year one checklist could be the perfect ingredient for a happily ever after married life.  


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