Every season is a wedding season, depending on the individuals involved. In essence, your boyfriend could ask the “will you marry me” question at any time. As we all know, proposing makes men more nervous because it’s a big step and commitment for a lifetime. 

        5 SIGNS HE IS ABOUT TO PROPOSE                                         


Talking of marriage proposals, some people love surprises and others don’t. If you hate surprises and will love to know if he is about to pop the question, here are some signs you should pay attention to.


1. He Will Always Talk About the Future During Conversations

Your boyfriend might ask you what your plans are, in regards to your relationship. He will unusually start talking about deeper issues such as, having babies, choosing career paths, purchasing a house, etc. He brings up such things because he has to be sure you are very committed to the relationship. You shouldn’t be worried if you both already practice habits that form a solid relationship. Marriage is a commitment for a lifetime. When your partner starts expressing concerns about your relationship, it could be a sign he is ready to settle down.



One of the most nervous moments in a man’s life is when he has to propose. Your boyfriend will most likely be anxious when he is making plans to propose anytime soon. This anxiety is usually accompanied by fidgeting, nerves, and other minimal behavioral changes. You have to be very vigilant to notice because men have a way of swallowing up emotions.  He’ll unusually start telling you that he loves and values you, constantly. Most men show more care during the “proposal” stage. Therefore, you should make him know you care as much as he does.


3.He Pays Attention to His Savings

As we all know, engagement rings and of course weddings, are expensive. When your man’s saving habits start changing, he may be making plans to buy a ring. This will depend on his lifestyle and preferences. He might be the type that loves to hang out with you at public places but suddenly prefers low-key quiet date nights. Such habits should be encouraged especially if you plan on saying yes.


4.Plans for an Expensive Trip or Vacation

A Proposal during vacations has become common among men. What is more romantic than a beach at sunset or the streets of a beautiful European city? So, when he starts talking to you about planning a vacation at a lavish location, have in mind that he might pop the question anytime soon. If he splurges on a vacation during this period, know that some beautiful magic might just occur.


5.Paying Attention to Personal Hygiene

No man will like to propose to his woman when he isn’t looking his best. If he is looking extra smart with a slight change of wardrobe or shaving kit, see them as signs of him putting in an effort like he did at the start of the relationship. This should tell you he is about to pop the question!


The above points should help you determine whether he is planning to propose anytime soon. You should be ready to embrace this beautiful moment.

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