When it comes to marriage the timing is not the same for everyone. Although the society usually puts pressure on individuals to get married early, over the years, people have had many reasons to get married later in life.

      5 REASONS WHY PEOPLE GET MARRIED LATER IN LIFE                                           

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If you are not sure about when you want to get married, here are five reasons why people get married later.


1. Greater access to higher education and independence

Both men and women all over the world have more access to higher education now more than ever. This has reduced the gap between the age of men and when they get married. This results in people being more career-oriented and pushing back marriage timelines. The fact that many young people start living alone at an early age, make them develop high levels of independence. As a result, they do not see the need to commit to a partner yet and feel the need to commit to a partner later.

Women in particular no longer see the need to get married fast. They instead spend more of their youthful days pursuing opportunities to become more financially independent. It has made them put marriage the list of their priorities.


2. Financial Stability

A lot of people in their twenties are not financially stable enough to run a home and the responsibilities that come with the commitment. Organizing a wedding can be quite expensive let alone care for children. That much financial pressure can be very destructive for most relationships. Reasons why people will decide to wait till they can handle it to jump the broom.


3.More people living together

Most people prefer to cohabit before getting married in order to test their compatibility. This is an opportunity to experience marriage life without the commitment. This is especially made possible as modern society now accepts these sorts of living arrangements.


4.Soul-searching and maturity

Some people may take a long time figuring out who they are and what they need in a partner than others. The desire to have as many experiences as possible before settling down or the fear of commitment may push individuals to get married late. Some individuals may become responsible and mature enough for such commitment quite late in their lives.


5.Attitude around sex

The younger generations have a more open view of sex. With the use of birth control methods reduces the need to get married in case of unwanted pregnancies. One-night stands seem like a simpler option rather than full commitment.  It has become relatively more acceptable to have kids before marriage so why the rush? Today with modern medicine solutions, having children no longer requires being with a partner.


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