Any lady who has ever thought of getting married undoubtedly has an idea of the kind of dress she wants to walk down the aisle in. Some might have even done a lot of research over the years, just in case. But, as soon as you get to down to it, it can be downright stressful to narrow down what you looking for in a dress.

5 Questions to ask every bridal salon you visit. Photo_Jose Troitinho
Photo_Jose Troitinho

As a bride, you want to buy the best wedding gown. Where you purchase your dress is a big part of this experience. Visiting a bridal salon is certainly one of the most interesting parts of wedding planning. Thus, it important to do some preliminary investigations about every bridal salon you visit.

From modifications to payment plans, asking a bridal salon these questions will help you find the perfect wedding boutique to suit your needs.


1.     Do I need to book an appointment?

Shopping for your wedding dressing in preparation for your big day isn’t as simple as strolling through the shopping center. It needs a lot of personal attention from a consultant. As such, some bridal salons will need you to book an appointment with them. Most do this because they want to focus their attention on you and help you find the right look.  Ask the shop or call ahead to find out if they accept walk-ins or if they’re appointments only.

It’s unlikely for a store to turn your away without an appointment, but setting one up comes with added advantages.


2.   What makes your store different from others?

This is a very important question, especially for those who have had a bad experience. You certainly want to make sure that from the very instant you get into a bridal salon, you feel welcomed and at ease. To do so, make sure there’s someone that will assist you from the moment you get in.

Be very vigilant and attentive. This is how you will know you’ve found the ideal shop. If you feel like friends at the end of your visit, you’ve just found the best location to shop for your wedding dress.


3.   What is your price range?

Determine your budget and stick to it! One of the most important things to consider before shopping is to set your budget. Discuss with your partner on a good range that will work for both of you. Check ahead of time what the average price of a gown at the bridal salon is. If it is above your limit, look elsewhere.


4.   What designers do you convey?

Before going to a bridal salon, chances are you have done some research and have a few designers in mind whose styles you prefer. Find out the designers the salon you are shopping at carries. This is your big day and you need to wear what you’ve dreamt of – you need to look extremely good!


5.   How customizable is this dress?







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