As soon as you send out your wedding invitations and RSVPs, most of your wedding guests will start asking questions. I know what you are thinking! But relax, we’ve got your back. Do not worry about this, you have a wedding to prepare. We’ve made a list of questions most wedding guests will ask and how to answer them.

5 Questions most wedding guests will ask and how to ask them. Photo by José Wedding Officiant
Photo by José Wedding Officiant


Try as much as possible to be informative and clear when answering questions regarding your wedding. Your guests will love to put in a lot of effort to make your wedding day a success. Your guests might have logical questions vis-à-vis the different aspects of your wedding.

Here’s a list of important questions your guests might ask and how to answer them.


1. Can I Come Along with My Children?

This is a tough one! Are you Ok having guests come along with their Kids? If no, you should ask your guests not to bring their children along. Nonetheless, most guests prefer to leave their children at home so as to fully enjoy the evening. Know that this is your day and you can do whatever please you. But get ready for some guests to ask you this question.

Although the obvious answer is NO, you wouldn’t want you reply spoil the vibe you’re hoping to send to your guests. To keep the flame burning, here’s a subtle way to say no to kids: “We hope to celebrate with you! Put on your dancing shoes and let’s enjoy a relaxing kid-free evening.”


2. Can I Bring A Plus One?

You’ve already cut down your guests list but now, your best friend’s ex wants to bring her new lover. What an awkward feeling, especially when you’ve never met him. Also, you don’t know how your friend will take it. But yet, you want your friend’s ex and everyone in attendance to have a great time.

Just as the no kid statement, make sure this is clear if you’d rather not have a complete stranger witness your wedding. On the other hand, simply address your wedding invitation with “and guest” if you are totally OK with it.


3. What’s the Dress Code?

Firstly, you need to know the traditional wedding attires that will suit your wedding. The traditional dressing code for most wedding is semi-formal or cocktail attire. This include formal gowns, tuxedos, suits and tie. However, it is a good idea to write this on your invitation card to avoid further questions.


4. Where will the Ceremony and Reception Take Place?

Some people organize their wedding ceremony and reception in one venue. If yours won’t have the same venue, give your guests the address of each venue. Do not forget to give additional information concerning the transport fare between sites.


5. What Happens After the Ceremony?

Obviously, couples will take pictures immediately after the wedding ceremony. Tell your guests to join you as you take pictures or let them head straight to the reception hall.



Your wedding is the very first occasion you and your partner will host, therefore, the comfort of your guests is a top priority.






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