Congrats!!!! He finally dropped down to his knee and popped the question. You said yes, and are looking forward to planning the most memorable day of your lives. But before you head out to pick your wedding planner, you have to figure out how to announce this to the rest of the world.

      5 Glamorous Ways to Announce Your Engagement on Instagram                                           


If you want to share this part of your life with your Instagram followers and want to do so in a more glamorous way than usual, here are five glamorous ways to announce your engagement on Instagram.


1.Have A Sunset Ring Shot

One of the most popular ways to break the news of the engagement on Instagram or other social media apps is by posting a picture of your ring. You could do that, especially if it is an expensive ring that already screams glamour or, you could spice things up by with a stunning sunset ring shot of you with your partner.

Hire a professional photographer, pick the ideal setup (e.g., beach, your favorite couple spot, or where you guys first met) and use your ring as a prop. Let the photographer line you both inside the ring and capture a breathtaking moment.


2.Post A Short Movie

You can choose to be the heroine of your glamourous romance movie by having a professional video editor compile the most defining moments of your relationship right up to the proposal. You can have a few family and friends recount short anecdotes of your relationships, or you can compose and act your script. Think in the light of a customized Cinderella movie. One thing is for sure your followers will love getting such insights and will be dazzled by how creative your short film can be.


3.Flowers Champagne & The Stone Shot

Flowers, champagne, and precious stones are three things that denote glamour, luxury, and style. But also, these three elements refer to a wedding. You can play on these connotations to announce your wedding lavishly. Setup your ring on a rich bed of flowers, with a bottle of champagne on the side, and attach your wedding hashtag. Then upload as a picture or gif on your timeline, in your stories, or as a reel. Then watch your comment section explode.


4.Post the Original Moment

Your fiancé can have a photographer record the original moment of the proposal. This option is lovely, especially if he/she plans a surprise engagement on a romantic getaway or a dramatic proposal. Like, have the question popped in the sky. Capturing your raw emotions on the spot will add to the authenticity and glamour of your announcement once the video goes up on Instagram.


5.Plan A Live Engagement

In terms of glamourous wedding announcements, nothing beats an Instagram live wedding proposal where your followers share with you every detail of the special moment. If you plan on surprising your partner, think of hiring drones to capture the whole proposal live from the best angles possible while broadcasting to your family and friends live on Instagram. For the surprise element to work, you might have to convince your partner to stay off social media for a bit while you ask everyone to tune in. So, they share the beautiful moment with you guys.

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