Read about the best wedding rituals for your special day to seal the deal in a meaningful way.

5 Creative Wedding Rituals That Simbolize Unity

Wedding rituals are something you should highly consider adding to your ceremony to have something truly unique and personal. If you’re thinking about having one, here you can find the top 5 creative wedding ceremony rituals that symbolize unity to give you some beautiful ideas.


1. Sand Wedding Ceremony

The sand ceremony, also known as the blending of the sands ritual, is a unique and meaningful wedding ritual you should implement on your special day. You and your partner have a cup filled with sand (usually in a different color from each other) and you pour it at the same time in a large vase, symbolizing coming together as a couple. It is great if you’re having a beach-themed party but also for traditional in-door ceremonies.


2. Tree Planting Wedding Ritual

A tree-planting ritual is a beautiful ceremony to experience in your wedding in which you and your partner choose a special place to plant a specific tree. You can ask your close friends and family to take part too by watering the tree or just being present when you decide to plant it.

The ritual’s meaning revolves around the birth of love in the form of nature, thus the tree you’ll plant will be the fruit of your relationship’s love, and affection.


3. Love Letters Ritual For Your Ceremony

This next wedding ritual is perfect for couples that like to write love letters or small notes to each other. The celebration involves writing two love letters and locking them in a wooden box and including a wine bottle either harvested the year of your wedding or with a card that has the date of your ceremony and opening them after your first wedding anniversary. Some open the box 10 years later but that is up to you.


4. Wish Lantern Wedding Ritual

Wish lanterns don’t have to be kept only for Christmas or New Year’s, thus they make a beautiful wedding ritual that is highly recommended to implement on your special day. The ritual consists of lighting a wish lantern and letting it go, symbolizing your love passing through the universe as one.

This wedding ritual is great for outdoor ceremonies or if your indoor venue has a small patio or garden.


5. Anniversary Capsule Ritual

The last wedding ritual on this list is the anniversary capsule, in which the couple selects special and meaningful items that remind them of the love they feel for each other and leave them in a box that can only be opened on their anniversary. The decision of the wedding anniversary depends on the couple, but feel free to bend the rules as you’d like.


Creative Wedding Rituals Recap

In this article, we talked about the top 5 creative wedding rituals that symbolize unity you can implement on your special day. With different ideas and gadgets, this list features meaningful and loving options you can take a look at and decide which one to include in your wedding to seal your love with your partner.

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