Destination weddings are beautiful, romantic, and memorable moments for most couples.

It doesn’t have to be enjoyable only for the bride and groom, but also for family and friends.

However, due to the expenses that come with a destination wedding, most couples believe that this is out of their reach. It doesn’t have to be like this.

4 Ways you can make your destination wedding a little more affordable to your guests. Photo by eventos Can Xiquet
Photo by eventos Can Xiquet

At times, destination weddings get a bad reputation. Many people often think couples are selfish or that the cost is extreme, but this usually is not the case.

Modern wedding change all the time and they will be successful nine times out of ten provided you come up with a good approach.

A destination wedding may turn out to be affordable for both the couple and guests.

A destination wedding is the best choice for couples interested in relishing delightful moments with a close circle of family and friends.

Actually, the celebration will be relaxing and refreshing for all those involved because it will be attended by only those who have you at heart.

If you’re looking for ways to make this a little more affordable for you and your loved ones, make sure to follow these few tips.

If you get it right, you can have the best of both worlds.


1. Start the budgeting early enough

An important aspect when planning for a destination wedding is to set a budget.

This is a large part of any wedding.

For a destination wedding, there are unique items to consider when planning for it.

For instance, the budget needs to include a certain amount for shipping items such as tuxedos, decorations, bride’s and bridesmaid’s dresses, and many other supplies.

To make your event successful, make sure you have a planned budget. Do not plan for what you can’t afford.


2. Carefully select your wedding date

The day of the week and time of the year can greatly affect your wedding cost.

Generally, the months in-between June and September are usually very expensive – depending on your destination.

Also, strike off holidays, spring breaks, and any other special day for they might be so expensive.


3. To get the best price, organize group airport transfers

Transfers can add up rapidly if the venue of your wedding is an hour or more from the airport.

If you have your friends’ book via a common transportation company, you’ll surely have a group discount.

All of the planning from the departure time to when the guests arrive will be handled by the company.


4. Hire a wedding planner

Planning for a destination wedding is overwhelming especially when it is carried out in an area you’ve never been to before.

So, hiring a wedding planner in Spain is a must. Before making your choice, make sure to properly look into a handful of options. Check the reliability and quality of one before deciding on a planner.



Destination weddings bring much joy and happiness to couples who have decided to celebrate the start of their union somewhere far away from home.

As is the case with all types of event planning, it can be confusing and really stressful to coordinate the details of your destination wedding.

Keep calm and talk with your wedding planner when unexpected anomalies happen.

With reliable assistance and strategic planning, couples can make their dream come true.









4 Ways you can make your destination wedding a little more affordable to your guests

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