A long-lasting relationship indicates the presence of a strong bond or the sign of significant inertia. This, however, depends on the couple. If partners are committed to sticking together, they should try as much as possible not to sabotage their relationship.

4 ways you are sabotaging your relationship with your partner. Photo by FotoClip
Photo by FotoClip

Many non-gender-specific ways can cause you to falter along the path to a healthy relationship. Most often, this happens when your interest in the relationship starts fading. Check yourself and try to figure out the cause. Consider the behavioral and conversational antidotes listed below to heal your relationship.


Here are ways you are sabotaging your relationship with your partner:

1. Focusing more on what is wrong instead of what’s right

In life, most people tend to find what they seek in their world. Some people believe we are living in the most thrilling moment of our life. And others are indeed persuaded we are on the path to immediate ruin. Both views can be supported by clear evidence. How is this possible when they all live on the same planet? We all have the ability to make our own decisions and to choose where to place our focus. We also can keep our love alive and secure. So, instead of your focusing more on what is wrong, focus on the right things your partner does or say. As you believe, so you will perceive!


2. Thinking Just About Yourself and Making It All About You

It is in our nature to try and meet our perceived needs, even if it might violate our core values and behavior in some way. Our needs are critical to us than that of others. This will pose a massive problem in our relationship if this is not handled correctly.

When you get your feelings hurt easily, it makes problem-solving and communication almost impossible, thereby leaving you both at risk. It shouldn’t be about you always. Think about your partner. Choose to consider their feelings. Be open with them, and do your best to help them with their needs. Look for the common ground in place of the insult.


3. You focus more on other things or people

We get carried away by never-ending demands, unfinished businesses, and the media world and focus less on our partner. Be rest assured that this will surely catch up with you sooner or later. Like all living things, a relationship needs care, nurturing and ongoing nourishment. Without these things, your relationship won’t thrive. Value what you have and always make out time for each other.


4. You want your partner to be exactly like you

This is actually the root cause of almost all arguments in a relationship. It is always about some differences between their individual beliefs, habits, expectations, and values. For a long-lasting and successful relationship, it is essential to be on the same page regarding certain aspects. A relationship is a partnership between two people. Allow your partner to have their own views and opinions. Do not try to manipulate them or change them to your way of doing things.







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