Make sure to have in mind these considerations before your special day.

4 Things You Need to Double-Check with Your Ceremony Officiant

Making sure everything you planned for your wedding is all in place is perhaps one of the most important things you should do, and with that comes double-checking with your officiant some key things to make sure all goes according to plan.

To help you out on your task, here are the top 4 things to do before your wedding that have to do with your officiant’s ceremony service.


Date & Time Availability

Making sure your ceremony officiant is available on the date and time of your wedding should be the first thing you should ask them, but it doesn’t hurt to double-check this once in a while. If your officiant happens to become unavailable for whatever reason, you can have time to find another one without stressing or risking not finding one at all.

If you’re having a destination wedding then double-checking this is highly important, whether your ceremony officiant needs to travel to the destination or you’re getting in touch with a local officiant.


Legal Power To Officiate A Celebration In Your Destination Wedding

Destination weddings have some regulations for officiants to legally marry a couple, therefore you should double-check with your officiant that they’re legally allowed to do their job in the country/territory of your wedding.

Not only you should check this the first time you speak with your officiant, but a wise thing to do is to ask again once your wedding date is getting close just to be sure all permits, documents, or regulations are still valid. This will save you a lot of time and inconveniences in your planning process.


Wedding Ceremony Script Personalization

Your wedding should be a unique ceremony that reflects your relationship with your partner, and although most weddings, religious and non-religious, follow a traditional script, you should check with your officiant if they can personalize it a little to portray you and your partner’s distinctive love.

Even if it’s just a brief paragraph, talking with your officiant in advance and close to the ceremony is highly advisable for this case.


Fees & Back-Up Officiant

As with other vendors you hire for your wedding, the officiant also has a fee you have to consider in your budget. Generally, it is not something expensive or hard to pay, but you still should double-check the price for the ceremony and other appearances of your officiant such as your wedding rehearsal. Further, you must discuss with your officiant if they can provide a backup in case they can’t attend the wedding due to an unforeseen circumstance.

Both are crucial conversations that you should have with your official the first time you meet them and once your wedding date starts to approach to have everything sorted out with time on your side.


What To Double-Check With Your Officiant Recap

Among the most important things to double-check with your officiant for your destination wedding, this article included date and time availability, the legal power to conduct the wedding ceremony, the option of having a personalized script, and finally the officiant’s fees and backup option.

Having these things in mind to check one more time before your big day can help avoid inconveniences and a stressful process.

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