4 Reasons To Get Married In Spain

Spain is one of Europe’s most popular holiday destinations, but it also makes a fantastic setting for an overseas wedding. If you’re thinking about getting married abroad, check out these four reasons why you should make it a Spanish wedding.

4 Reasons To Get Married In Spain

4 Reasons To Get Married In Spain

1. Incredible scenery

With its mix of golden beaches, rocky coastlines, rugged mountain ranges, lush forests, historic cities and rolling countryside, Spain has a setting to suit every taste. If you want a wedding with a wow factor, you can find plenty of gorgeous venues in the countryside that are surrounded by natural beauty. Or, if you love the buzz of the city, you can find venues boasting gorgeous historic architecture in the likes of Barcelona and Madrid. There’s also no shortage of beautiful beaches in Spain if you want golden sands and azure seas to serve as the backdrop to your wedding ceremony.


2. Beautiful weather

Spain overall has a moderate climate, but different regions see different types of weather. Mediterranean Spain – the south and east coast – has gorgeous hot weather in summer with plenty of sunshine and highs of up to 30°C. Winters in this region are very mild and fairly dry, which is ideal for couples looking for a winter wedding where they can enjoy sunshine and blue skies.

Central Spain – where the capital city of Madrid lies – boasts long hours of very hot sunshine in the summer. North Spain – known as green Spain thanks to its lush scenery – has a cooler, oceanic climate but it sees lovely warm and sunny weather during the summer. If you want an outdoor wedding, Spain is a brilliant destination because the weather is reliably good.


3. Delicious food

Spain is renowned for its delicious cuisine made with fresh, seasonal produce so if you get married in Spain, you’re sure to have an incredible wedding breakfast. Traditional Spanish wedding dinners usually begin with el cóctel, where cured meats and bite-sized canapes are served with drinks. A sit-down dinner is then served, often consisting of a starter, a fish course, a meat course, and a dessert.

If you’d prefer something lighter, you could opt for classic Spanish dishes of paella or tapas. Tapas – lots of small plates of delicious hot and cold dishes – are a great way to encourage your guests to get to know each other as they pass plates around.


4. Handy honeymoon

When you get married abroad you can roll your wedding day and honeymoon into one. This is a great way to save money on flights, and it can cut down on the amount of planning you have to do. You should be planning your honeymoon around six to nine months before the wedding, particularly if you want to take it immediately after the big day. To keep stress to an absolute minimum, look for a wedding venue that includes accommodation or has accommodation nearby and simply extend your stay for a week or two after the wedding.


Conclusion: Consider Spain for your special day

Spain has so much to offer to make your big day unforgettable, so why not get started planning your wedding in Spain?



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