Four must-know etiquette tips for a great wedding seating chart

4 Essential Etiquette Tips to Keep in Mind as You Create Your Wedding Seating Chart

Congratulations on getting to this step, your wedding day is just a few weeks away! The end line is clearly visible from here, but to help you create a wonderful atmosphere on your special day, here you can read about the top 4 etiquette tips for your wedding seating chart that will come in handy soon.

From table shapes, guests groups, and more, the following etiquette tips are designed to ensure a unique and unforgettable time on your wedding day surrounded by the people you love.


1. Family & Close Friends First

Creating your wedding seating chart can seem overwhelming and like a tedious task, therefore starting with the most important guests will help you establish order and your priorities. Decide if you want to have your parents or your closest friends at your table or, if you want to have a two-seat table just for you and your partner, you can have your inner circle at the tables beside yours.


2. Group People Who Know Each Other

To keep your wedding seating chart harmonious and ensure all of your guests have a good time at your wedding it is highly recommended to seat people who know each other at the same table. To do this, think about the different groups of people you’ll have on your special day, like your school friends, coworkers, neighbors, and others. This will help you group people from the same social circle and make sure they all have someone to talk to and keep the wedding vibes going.


3. Avoid Assigning Specific Seats

This always comes down as a personal preference of the bride and groom but generally, it is not recommended to assign guests to specific seats, instead, just indicate attendees which table they’ll be seating in and let them decide where to sit. This is done to give people the freedom to choose their seats and chat next to whomever they want at their table.

Most wedding venues will require you to provide a guest list with the table assigned but it is not necessary to label every seat for guests.


4. Be Mindful Of Your Table’s Capacity

No matter what friends and family might tell you, one more person at the table does make a difference, therefore be mindful of your table’s maximum capacity to allow your guests to sit and eat comfortably as well as to help the caterers to smoothly deliver the food and avoid possible incidents.


Wedding Seating Chart Golden Tip

A great wedding seating chart requires some time planning, and although this step is one of the few you can leave till the very end, don’t procrastinate the task thus if anything unexpected happens you can get very overwhelmed. Once you have your guest’s RSVP response, start mapping out your venue and tables to allow you to visually see everything coming together.

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