Get the perfect manicure on time with these 3 must-read tips in mind to achieve wedding-ready nails.

3 Tips For Your Pre-Wedding Manicure —According To A Celebrity Manicurist

Dress, venue, invitations, flowers and so many more things about your wedding are constantly in your mind and can make you forget about some details that will later show on every picture and not the way you might want to, such as your nails. Getting your pre-wedding manicure is a no-brainer, but do you have in mind what to actually get done? When it comes to a special-day manicure there are a few things to have in mind, such as hand and nail care, moisturizer routine, after-manicure contact with the world, and more.

Celebrity manicurist Morgan Dixon of MAD Nails has shared her ultimate top 3 tips for your pre-wedding manicure to achieve the most beautiful nails that will stand out in every picture.

1. Book Your Manicure With Time

Any important appointment should be booked with anticipation to avoid any last-minute rushes, and your pre-wedding manicure is no exception. Celebrity manicurist Dixon suggests booking your appointment for the week of your special day, breaking the ancient myth of needing to have your nails done just a day before your celebration.

With quality products and minimal contact with harsh materials and “dangerous” situations such as opening soda cans, sanding wood, washing the dishes with very hot water, and more, every bride can enjoy her manicure days prior to the big day and still have them looking amazing for the moment they say yes.

Pro tip: Use gloves when doing tasks that involve possible nails getting lost or damaged such as gardening, cleaning your home, and coming in contact with chemicals.

2. Create A Nail Care Routine

A few weeks before your wedding-manicure appointment you should begin a nail care routine where you moisturize your hands and your cuticles to avoid dry-looking and cut hands. Morgan suggests applying hand cream and cuticle oil during the day to maintain fresh-looking hands and get them ready for your special day.

Investing in high-quality products will ensure a professional look as well as keep your hands and nails strong and healthy.


3. Decide On A Proper Design & Polish

This might sound a bit obvious but deciding on a design before your wedding manicure appointment is extremely important. Arriving at the salon or waiting for the manicurist to arrive at your house and just then start looking for a nail design will end up in a terrible disaster. The final design is up to you, but getting advice about the polish from a professional is advisable; manicurists have done thousands of nails and know every possible outcome of each supply, so if they recommend a certain polish it is best, in most cases, to follow their advice.


Morgan has expressed her thoughts about the best and most durable polish for a wedding manicure, resulting in gel polishes, due to their long-lasting appliance as well as their forever-glossy finish.

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