If you’ve ever attended a wedding, watched a vlogger’s YouTube wedding video, or viewed Pinterest boards for wedding ideas, you probably already know that there are some things your photographer doesn’t want you to do at your luxury wedding.

3 Things Your Wedding Photographer Doesn't Want You to Do at Your Luxury Wedding

Whether it’s because something feels overused or simply because the photographer has seen it all before, these common dos and don’ts can be found in almost any list of insider tips from professionals who shoot weddings on a regular basis.

Let’s take a look at 3 things your photographer doesn’t want you to do at your luxury wedding


3 Things Your Wedding Photographer Doesn’t Want You to Do at Your Luxury Wedding


1. Don’t skimp on your shoes.

When it comes to your shoes, don’t skimp.

Your wedding day is probably the only time in your life where your feet will be photographed a lot, so you’ll want to be sure that you’re not embarrassed by what people see.

If you’re wearing a fancy gown, you’ll likely have nice shoes, but if you’re wearing something more casual, be sure to still provide yourself with a pair of shoes that look great. If you’re the groom, you don’t have to have anything fancy, but you do want to make sure that your shoes are clean and presentable.

If you’re skimping on your shoes, it shows in the photos, and it also takes away from the overall experience of your day. You want to remember your wedding day with positive feelings, and poorly chosen and worn shoes could easily ruin that.


2. Don’t be afraid to mix things up

Some couples try to stick to a specific colour scheme or style.

While there are times when couples should probably stick to one specific thing, there are also times when you should definitely be mixing things up. Don’t be afraid to look at other colour schemes or styles. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to try new things. If you’re stuck on a specific colour scheme or theme, ask your photographer if they have any suggestions. You want to be able to look back on your wedding day and remember all the fun things that you did, not memories of you and your partner being stubborn and refusing to try new things.


3. Don’t try to micromanage your photographer

While it’s true that the photographer is there to take photos of you and your loved ones, it’s also true that they have spent a lot of time planning out your day.

Your photographer has planned out your day, and she knows exactly where the best places are to take photos. They have a general idea of how long each type of photo will take to shoot, and a very good idea of what they want to get.

Don’t try to micromanage your photographer. You’ll get a lot more photos out of your photographer, and you’ll get the ones that you really want.



These are three top tips that your wedding photographer doesn’t want you to do on your wedding day.

These tips have been given to us by wedding photographers from across the globe, so it pays to listen to their advice, so your wedding can be remembered as the luxury wedding of your dreams that you want it to be.

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