If you want to fulfill your lifelong dream of getting married in a castle for your luxury wedding then you should consider these 3 things before sealing the deal.

3 Things To Consider If You're Thinking About Getting Married In A Castle

Deciding on a luxury wedding venue is exciting and one of the most beautiful things of the entire wedding-planning process. There are many options to choose from and couples often don’t even bother to get information about special places such as castles in fear, or misconception, it might be way out of their budget, but this is not true. If you think about it, castles are an all-in-one luxury wedding with everything included. You might spend the same amount of money on a traditional wedding due to rentals, catering service, and more.


If you’re thinking about getting married in a castle for your luxury wedding, then you should definitely consider these 3 things to ensure a dream celebration.


1. Guest Capacity

A castle is a stunning and magical place to get married, but before signing anything you have to consider the number of guests you have as well as how far is the castle and if it has any sort of overnight accommodations for your attendees if they can’t travel back and forth.

Most castles always offer full destination luxury wedding packages with several rooms for the guests as well as a chapel in the perimeter of the venue to make everything more accessible and just in one place. Consult with your desired venue for their guest capacity and special offers or discounts per person.


2. Wedding Theme

Although you are free to choose any theme you want your luxury wedding to be, if you’re thinking about getting married in a castle you need to have in mind the default theme a castle comes with. Mid-century and high-end furniture accompanied by luxurious gardens and stunning paintings can be found in almost any castle, so if you think about it, by getting married in a castle you can save up a lot of money on decorations and other rentals.

Plus, the overall aesthetic of the place is simply a photographic masterpiece. Every picture and video will be unique and extra special.


3. Price

Getting married in a castle sounds expensive and almost out-of-this-world. But you should consider all the expenses you might have on a traditional venue and compare it to a castle location, including rentals, transportation, staying, etc. A luxury wedding full package in a castle usually includes every accommodation for the wedding itself and rooms for your guests to stay the night, whereas with a traditional venue you have to buy everything separately and take care of more details. In the end, you might spend the same or even less on a castle with everything included than a traditional place.


This is just an observation so that you can evaluate your budget and cover every expense you need at the place you’ve always dreamt about getting married.



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