If you’re considering hosting your wedding in Spain or even if it’s always been your dream and you just want to know more, here are some advantages and a bit of information about Spain and why it’s the perfect place to have your dream wedding…which here at Spain4weddings.com we definitely think it is!


As is well known by now Spain has one of the best climates not only in the Mediterranean but in the world and this is why it attracts so many visitors all year round, and why it could be the perfect place to have your dream wedding. With 3,000 hours of sunshine almost double the hours of Britain and Germany you’re almost guaranteed to have a beautiful day to celebrate your beautiful wedding. Our summers are dry and warm with temperatures reaching up to the mid-30s on mainland Spain, where as the coasts tend to feel cooler as a nice breeze comes rolling off the sea. Temperatures tend to stay warm and pleasant throughout autumn and spring with the Spanish countryside looking a lot more greener which could be perfect for more nature orientated wedding pictures. Even in winter temperatures are still considerably mild with mainland Spain hitting 17 °C but if you fancy a winter wedding but with the heat of summer one then head to the Canary Islands where temperatures can still reach 25 °C. Thanks to its lovely climate the possibilities here in Spain are endless…



Tapas, paella or whatever you’d rather…Spain has it all when it comes to tasty cuisine. From meats to seafood or some simple nibbles you know they’re going to be delicious if they’re taken from Spanish cuisine. It’s a gastronomy that although it uses a lot of oil it also uses mainly fresh fruits and vegetables so you’re guaranteed a tasty meal. There’s also the beauty of tapas it’s a very sociable meal to have as you’re sharing different dishes with your friends and family. The gastronomies around Spain do tend to vary from region to region, for example gazpacho a cold soup from Andalucia is a simple dish made from a few vegetables, oil and water. Or from Catalonia pa amb tomaquet (bread with tomato) which is as simple as its name but completely addictive.


Let’s be honest the first things you think about when someone says Spanish culture are bullfighting and flamenco of course…and whilst these are important aspects of Spain’s rich culture there are many other influences and parts of their culture perhaps undiscovered by some tourists. From being invaded by Romans, Arabs, Celts and many more cultures Spain has taken a little from each to create their magnificent culture. From older artists such as Goya, El Greco and Velázquez to more recent successes like that of Picasso, Miró and Salvador Dalí, their work can be seen in museums throughout Spain. As well as artists it has produced the most well-known architect Gaudí who has changed the look of Barcelona dramatically, continuing today with the ongoing construction of La Sagrada Família. In fact you can even get married in his Casa Batlló in Barcelona. Flamenco that comes from Southern Spain is a dance accompanied by a guitar, clapping and moving lyrics, men wear black outfits where as women are usually in colourful long dresses…they may even give you some inspiration for your wedding dress! As you can see the unique culture of our amazing country could add some interesting twists to your wedding here on the Iberian Peninsula.

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Unique places

Spain is filled with some beautiful but sometimes hidden spots perfect for even a wedding maybe…but where do you start with this gorgeous country in this part we take you through some different areas of Spain.

Let’s begin with a place that’s very close to our hearts and is the base for Spain4weddings.com it’s Catalonia. Catalonia the most north-easterly region in Spain it not only has the beautiful Barcelona as its capital but it’s lined by the gorgeous Costa Brava. If you want a lot of variety to pick from then Catalonia is the perfect place to start, you could go for a city wedding in Barcelona that has many different places to get married including Gaudi’s house Casa Batalló located on Passeig de Gracia right in the heart of Barcelona. However you could pick a delightful beach wedding in one of the many pretty seaside towns like Sitges for example which boasts gorgeous beaches, eateries and a wonderful atmosphere…imagine the photos!

If we move further down the coastline we reach the divine Costa Blanca which literally translates as the “white coast” and cities such as Valencia, Alicante, Calpe and Torrevieja line it which are not only wonderful holiday destinations but also wedding destinations. Not only do they have golden sandy beaches but gorgeous Spanish villages and towns that have cute churches perfect for the ceremony before heading to the reception in some gorgeous eateries that will cook some of the best food in Spain. Doesn’t it sound so tempting?

Heading further south you reach the wonderful Costa del Sol which wraps around the stunning region of Andalusia. Possibly the sunniest and hottest part of mainland Spain it’s a popular destination for foreigners for the weddings. If you think of typical Spain then I’m sure Andalusia and the Costa del Sol is what springs to mind. Some of the most sought after destinations are Málaga, Marbella and the surrounding towns of Fuengirola and Benalmádena. One of our favourites is Almería is a city and a province of the same name in Andalusia it is well known for its white wash villages and its gorgeous beaches! As it’s situated in the south of Spain temperatures are known to soar well into the thirties during the peak summer months which might be something to consider when planning your wedding here.

If you fancy an island wedding then take your pick as Spain accounts for two sets of islands, the first is the Balearic Islands that are home to Mallorca and Ibiza. Not always known for their idyllic settings these well-known party islands actually are some of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean. Mallorca being the biggest island of them all holds some charming beaches and vistas that look out across the azure sea. Ibiza not only has some wonderful musical spots but also boasts amazing coves and bays that can be both personal and private ready for you to have your dream beach wedding.

The second group of islands are the Canary Islands these islands are the southernmost point of Spain’s territory they’re found closer to Africa than to Europe but this also means that their climate is amongst the best in Spain with almost all year round sun and heat, meaning that whenever you choose to have your wedding your guaranteed good weather if you choose to celebrate your wedding here. Amongst having beautiful volcanic beaches and blue seas, the Canary Islands also is an archipelago paradise meaning it has beautiful nature and countryside among volcanic vistas which could make the perfect background for your big day.



In Spain you won’t have to worry about getting a good quality service for your money and with Spain4weddings.com we have carefully selected the best suppliers that offer the most professional service with amazing results. Not only will our suppliers be value for money but nowadays many people do travel for their wedding whether it’s just around the UK or even going abroad with cheap flights getting your loved ones to Spain for your big day won’t be a drain on your wallet. Along with Spain’s delightful climate and being more economical than other European countries if you’re worried about the cost of your wedding then maybe Spain would actually be the perfect destination for you to have your wedding.

Transportation in Spain

You can fly to Spain from pretty much anywhere nowadays it’s such a tourist hotspot that almost all airlines will have flights to most parts of Spain it’s just a case of finding the one closest to where your wedding is happening. Many people will choose to rent a car which if you’re trying to reach a gorgeous villa in the middle of the countryside is probably advisable. Along with the scenic country roads you also have the main motorways that connect all the major cities, just be aware that they are usually toll roads. However there are many other ways to travel round Spain… By train, there are high speed trains between major cities and other local trains that can get you around a region with no problem at all and they are usually air conditioned to help with the Spanish heat. As well as over ground trains most of the big cities have their own metro service which is efficient and can get you around the city in a flash! Perfect if you’re wanting to stay a couple of days and do some sightseeing before or after the wedding. Finally there’s the bus or coach which usually are able to take you to more hidden or remote places then the trains can and with a more regular timetable.


Like in many countries there are some legal rules and regulations that you have to comply with in order to be legally married in Spain. If you’re Catholic you shouldn’t have many problems and it’s all quite a simple and easy process. For other religions you cannot be legally married in Spain unfortunately, but you can receive a blessing and then have a quick ceremony when you get back or before you come out. However if you want a civil ceremony then things can tend to be a little more difficult. Check out our Questions & Concerns for more information.


Here at Spain4weddings.com we can’t find a reason why you wouldn’t want to have your wedding here in sunny Spain but if you’re still unsure, have any questions or would just like to know more then please don’t hesitate in contacting us as we’re always happy to help!