Most of the modern weddings today include an open bar for the guests. However, there are some stress factors included in the wedding planning related to the choice and budget of the open bar.  

How to decide if an open bar is worth the cost. Photo_Wedding in Canary Islands
Photo_Wedding in Canary Islands

Open bars are expensive and the price goes up according to the quality of the alcohol and the number of guests in your wedding. Over spending on various martinis and vodkas might severely disturb your anticipated budget. Although meals and cakes are somewhat essential for your wedding, it is in no way necessary to set up an all-you-can-drink open bar at your wedding.

Here are some questions that will help you clarify our situation and will assist you in deciding whether the open bar package you are interested in is worth the value or not? 


1.     Can you set up your own bar?

It is a known fact that outsourcing certain services costs more as compared to the services you provide on your own. If the caterer and venue organizer allows it, setting up a bar with the help of your friends is the best way to do so. You can add one or two choices for the guests and serve them without worrying about going out of budget.


2.     What is your budget?

This is the most important question to ask yourself before going for a lavish open bar with numerous varieties of drinks. It’s better to set up a bar with limited options for drinks, so that you could enjoy without any money related pressure on your big day.


3.     What is the charging policy?

Charging policy of the caterer for the open bar makes a huge difference regarding your decision of which open bar to choose. You may have to look at your guests and their drinking preferences. Generally, the two types of charging policies offered by caterers are charges per person and charges per consumption. If your guests prefer to drink more than once, you should better go with the per person policy. Otherwise, per consumption policy is the good way to go.


4.     What is your priority?

Set your priorities straight from the day you started planning for your wedding. Yu must know how your guests will react upon not finding their favorite dink in the bar. Make a list and choose one or two drinks from it to serve in the bar. For instance, a two-drink bar like wine and whiskey or wine and beer are good low cost options. As it has been established earlier, an all-inclusive open bar is extremely expensive for the couples who are trying to remain in a pre-planned budget.








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