Wedding centerpieces are an important constituent of a wedding decoration, but you must be careful you might not want to overshadow the table décor. In weddings, the most common centerpieces are floral arrangements. 

The 6 most popular type of wedding centerpieces. Photo_Beachfront wedding in Costa Blanca
Photo_Beachfront wedding in Costa Blanca

People choose different types of flowers according to the structure of the location and time of the year. Centerpieces come in different shapes and sizes. Some couples prefer short centerpieces so that the guests wouldn’t face any issue while interacting on table, while others prefer tall centerpieces that go well with their tall ceilings. Here is a list of some of the most popular wedding centerpieces to assist you in selecting the one that reflects your style. 


1.     Green Garlands

Garlands made of fresh leaves and flowers are a great way to decorate your tables, especially if they are rectangular in shape. This type of centerpiece is best suited for a natural wedding venue. However, you must remember that making garlands isn’t cheap and you might want to take a look at your budget before going for these type centerpieces.


2.     Candles

What’s better than the romantic candles as the main decorating items on your big day? It is a great way to decorate your entire venue without spending much money. You don’t need to go extravagant with candle stands as they look beautiful with minimalist arrangement as well. Just know how to arrange your cutlery around the candles and how to choose tablemats according to the color and shape of candles you chose.


3.     Trees

Trees, with lights and candles and standing between the tables, have become the next big and popular wedding centerpieces. You can also replace trees with bonsai trees as well to make more room for the people and tables.


4.     Vase

You should keep in mind that flowers are not the only constituent of a floral arrangement. You need to select beautiful vases that complement the flowers you picked for your wedding centerpiece. Observe the surrounding elements and choose your vases wisely. For example, if you are getting married in a castle or any other historical location, you can go with an antique design. On the other hand, light color vases go perfect with the natural settings such as meadows and beaches.


5.     Chandeliers

Chandeliers create a magical effect and give a magical vibe to a wedding event. If you are celebrating your big day in a mansion or a castle, the best option for you is a hanging mini chandelier on every table. You can also go with lanterns on the tables with minimalist floral arrangement to give your venue a rustic look.


6.     Antiques







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