After you have selected your wedding venue, the next big step is to choose the color palette that reflects upon the location and your personality. 

It may seem simple to choose a color theme; however, you have to consider many little details and small factors to build an informed decision. Here are some ideas on how to choose the perfect wedding color palette for your wedding according to the venue.


1.     Getting inspiration architectural elements of the venue

The trick of selecting the best suited color palette is to observe the little details in the architectural framework of your venue. Consider the paint of the doors and windows and choose the colors that go with the design of the entire hall/room. You should focus on highlighting and enhancing the features of your venue by adding the decoration that matches it. Adding mismatched colors might give it a messy look. This works the other way round as well. If you have a specific color scheme in your mind, search your venue and reception hall accordingly.


2.     Remember your priorities

Planning and organizing your priorities is the most significant thing to do, even before you plan your venue. Not knowing what you actually want might result into ambiguity and indecisiveness. Go with your idea of a dream wedding and your favorite wedding color theme and stick to it. Use your priorities as the starting point of your wedding planning, instead of leaving them for later.


3.     Season of the wedding

Just like your wedding venue, the color theme of your wedding must also go with the season. For instance, rosy pink colors are best suited for a wedding being held in spring but a wedding in fall calls for a rustier look. Don’t shy away from including stronger accent color if they go well with the season and wedding location you chose.


4.     Keep the natural setting in mind

If you have chosen a natural location for your wedding, go with natural colors that complement your location instead of going with an entirely different direction. Choose the seasonal flowers and make sure that they match with the backdrop and match your wedding arrangements as well. Once again, remember that the flowers that are perfectly fine with a beach location might not go well with a venue having a mountainous view.


5.     Keep the lighting of your venue in mind

Do not forget to check out our venue and its colors in the evening. That will give you a better idea of the colors that look great in lights. You can add the attractive pastel hues into the elements of bridesmaid’s dresses and the table linen.


6.     Pick a color palette that compliments you







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