This is Liam and Lucy’s destination wedding success story. This English couple met in an unconventional yet modern way: through an online dating app. “His profile gave off good vibes, so I messaged him. We started chatting and decided to meet just a couple days later. We hit it off immediately, and the rest is history,” remembers Lucy.














Life is full of coincidences, and this couple’s story is no different. On their first date, Liam and Lucy talked about their childhoods, youth, aspirations and dreams for their future. Traveling was a big part of both of their lives, and it didn’t take long for them to discover that they had both spent their childhood summers vacationing in small seaside towns near Barcelona. And as it turns out, they were still both making a yearly trip to Barcelona and its surrounding towns as adults — a quick and easy escape from their busy lives in London.  


After getting engaged and announcing the news to family and friends, it didn’t take long for them to decide on a destination wedding in Spain. They both loved the country and had spent many months of their lives there. The next question was… where should they tie the knot? They thought about a romantic wedding in a historical castle or a breezy day with the Mediterranean sea as a backdrop, but these options didn’t seem quite right for them.


As a modern, young, city-loving couple, they decided to marry in Barcelona, Europe’s largest metropolitan city on the Mediterranean cost. Home to stunning architecture, great nightlife and deep cultural heritage, Barcelona was more than an easy choice for them. Not only was it a great fit for their personalities and lifestyle, it was also an easy destination for their guests to travel to from London.


Lucy’s dream was to host a luxurious, extravagant and impressive event — but with zero planning stress. And, just as Liam proposed with a huge gesture, he wanted to make sure their wedding was up to par. Since they were both extremely busy at their demanding jobs, they knew they didn’t want to be the ones fussing over venues, stressing about details and pulling their hair out over conversations with vendors using their limited Spanish skills. They also both knew that luxury wedding planning isn’t for the faint of heart. So instead of starting to research venues and caterers, they immediately started looking for a luxury wedding planner that could bring their Barcelona wedding vision to life while staying within their budget.


Lucy got started on researching luxury wedding planners in the Barcelona area right away. With a few Google searches, she created a long list of potential planners and started sending e-mails with her basic wish-list including location, budget and potential dates. She thought that finding a planner would be quick and easy.


She met with a large number of planners via video conference and over the phone, but none of them seemed to be the right fit. Some didn’t speak English very well, others had never planned a luxury wedding for foreigners before, while many weren’t asking the right questions or giving her the right answers. After hours of meet-and-greet calls and back and forth emails with potential planners, Lucy was frustrated. She was ready to give up on her dream destination wedding in Barcelona and settle with getting married in London. She just wasn’t finding the right planner to entrust their dreams to.


One day at work, Lucy confessed to a group of her co-workers that she was giving up on her dream wedding in Spain because she couldn’t find the right planner. As another coincidence in this story, one of her co-workers had held her destination wedding in Spain with the help of Spain4Weddings and said she had a fabulous experience. Although Lucy was hesitant and ready to give up, she decided to visit our website anyway. There, she discovered our impressive array of wedding venue options in Barcelona area. She decided to write one last email and reach out to our CEO, José Levy, for more information.


José met with the couple for a live meeting on Skype to talk about their wedding dreams. All of their concerns disappeared when they spoke with him. During their video conference meeting, they immediately hit it off and were able to clearly explain and have their ideas understood.


During their first meeting, José explained that he and his team have loads of experience planning luxury weddings and would be in charge of talking to and negotiating with the venue and other wedding vendors, coordinating the wedding day and dealing with every last detail. It all felt too good to be true, and Liam and Lucy quickly said “yes!” to Spain4Weddings.


He also encouraged the couple to communicate with his team as openly and as often as they wanted. The more details and information the couple shared, the better equipped we would be to meet their expectations. Every time they had a new idea, they were free to email it to us. We also calmed their nerves by making it clear that we wouldn’t make any decisions without getting their approval first. With our continuous feedback and open lines of communication, the couple knew they would have full control over every last detail of their big day, but we would be doing all the work.


Since the bride and groom wanted a modern wedding in the center of the city, we recommended they marry in a luxurious venue where we have hosted weddings at in the past. The gorgeous, modern, space offers the perfect combination of luxury and comfort for extravagant couples. The venue also has a great track record: all the couples we have planned weddings for at this venue have been extremely happy with the results due to its high level of service and quality.



Liam and Lucy arrived to Barcelona a few days before their big day, and were pampered by the Spain4Weddings team from the moment they arrived. We arranged limousine airport transport for the couple and their guests, planned top-notch tourist activities (including a tour of the Sagrada Familia), booked tables at Michelin-star restaurants and took care of everything else the couple and guests requested.


On the big day, Liam and Lucy were left speechless when they saw how the Spain4Weddings team had taken their luxurious dream and brought it to life. Every single detail was spot on, dripping in luxury and style. It was better than they ever could have imagined.


Our on-site wedding coordinator ran the entire day, from start to finish, on a tight and organized timeline. The event went off without a hitch and Liam and Lucy, their families and guests created memories to last a lifetime.


After all was said and done, the couple was also thrilled to see José had kept his promise: there were no unexpected, last minute fees or surprises.


Soon after the wedding, we got a lovely postcard from the couple while on their honeymoon on Spain’s Costa Brava: “Our wedding was a dream come true. Thank you, Spain4Weddings, for giving us the luxury wedding we had always dreamed of. Your luxury wedding planning services were exactly what we needed!”





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