A wedding away from home is like a romantic fairy tale, a fresh start for the newly wedded couple and also provides a close-knit wedding with close friends and family.

8 Tips for planning a destination wedding on a budget. Photo by Es Mitjà Fondo
Photo by Es Mitjà Fondo

Couples, however, feel like a destination wedding is unattainable because they believe first hand that’s it going to cost a lot of money. The good news is that you can plan your wedding on a budget by executing some cost-saving measures.

Here are some few tips for pulling off when planning a destination wedding:

1. Know Your Budget: Since you are trying to fit your wedding into your budget, knowing your budget will be a perfect place to start. Sit down with your partner, families and friends and create an approximate expense for your wedding. Plan the hotel cost, food, decoration, travel cost, rental cost, etc… Exempt all unnecessary items that could incur more costs.

2. Location: Keep in mind that a destination wedding requires a destination. Choose a location that will save you money, your expenses can become cheaper if you pick your location wisely. If you decide to have your wedding in Spain, make sure you pay a visit to the area you choose, don’t depend solely on pictures from the internet, and also make sure the location is identifiable.

3. Decide Your Guestlist: Decide those you want to invite to your wedding. Keeping your list small will definitely cost less.

4. Choose a Date: Choosing the date that your wedding will happen on is also very important because there are a lot of things you can need to consider like the season of your desired location, the fees of travel cost if you choose a date that falls on holidays and so much more. Your date should suit you and the climate.

5. Get a Planner: It may seem like a bad idea to get a wedding planner when you’re trying to cut down cost, it is, however, a necessity as your planner will help to keep you from being stressed and advise you on issues you wouldn’t even think about.

6. Book In Advance: Make sure to make a reservation for your hotel, venue, etc. in advance before your big day. Even if the venue is available when you need it, it could cost more to rent at the dying minute.

7. Prioritize Important Things: Keep at the top of your budget a list of things that you cannot do without at the wedding. Try as much as possible not to spend excessively, cut out some areas and put in more money on others.

8. Extend Your Trip: since you are already choosing a beautiful location of your dream, it will save a lot if you extend your trip into a honeymoon. This will remove the need to plan another vacation in another location.

Planning a destination wedding can be tiring and stressful. Know what you expect while still being open and flexible. Working with a budget will mean that you have to cut out a lot of things. It is, however, important to know what you want to achieve which is making your special day memorable and special for you.




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