When planning your destination wedding, make sure to incorporate these last-minute details to make it a success.

This will save you a lot of time and ensure your ceremony takes place smoothly. It is one of the most special days in your life. Therefore, you need to make it worth it.

Last-minute details that will transform your destination wedding. Photo by Rita Experience
Photo by Rita Experience

1. You should get personal

According to some wedding planners, making hand-written notes is a great way to make all your guests feel very special. These notes should be placed in envelopes and handed to each guest. This will make the guests feel welcomed at your destination wedding. You may see this as a small gesture, but it has a huge impact and makes a good impression.


2. Have your name in lights

You can get customized neon signs just about everywhere in most towns. They can be purchased from some online shops (for those who don’t have stores in their area). You can showcase your name alongside your wedding logo with these lights. Hang them preferably at your reception hall entrance or just by the dance floor. It gives a unique glow to your wedding and a great feeling.


3. Come up with a hashtag

Create a hashtag and encourage your wedding guests to take pictures and post before and after the wedding ceremony using the hashtag you created. You may print it on signs, brand the bus which has to carry your guests and even post them on your wedding website.


4. Pick up your wedding rings

You should ensure to pick up your wedding rings early enough before your big day to avoid disappointments. In the process of picking them up, you can clean your engagement ring to give it a shiny look. This will make sure it sparkles in all of your wedding pictures.


5. Late night snacks

Almost everyone likes a vibrant after-party on their wedding day with their guests on the dance floor with lots of energy. Arranging for a wedding food truck late in the evening is an excellent way to go about it. From donuts to burger sliders to cupcakes, they all keep your wedding guests energized and make your big day a success.


6. Put together your playlists

You should not forget this vital aspect. You wouldn’t want the DJ playing songs which you don’t want to hear. So you should come up with a list of your favorite songs for dinner, cocktail hour and when everyone is on the dance floor. You should then hand this list over to the DJ, so he knows how to entertain you and your guests throughout the night.


7. Creating tip envelopes

On days like this, you may want to appreciate the services of the DJ, the wait staff, or maybe the banquet captain. So you have to prepare some envelopes addressed to them, put in the amounts you’ll like to give them and hand in due time. Creating tip envelopes is a whole lot better than having huge stacks of money in your pocket.


8. Create a photography schedule

This is probably the best way to keep to time on your wedding day and make things smooth. For example, the bride and groom have to take a shot at 4:15 p.m., this, therefore, implies that they ought to be at the location earlier. They should be well-dressed and ready at 4:00 p.m. The bride shouldn’t be hurrying to the spot at 4:15 p.m. with her hair not brushed or with her dress in a bag.







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