Destination weddings are becoming more popular by the day, and there’s no doubt many more couples are going to be rocking it this 2019. So here are some new destination wedding trends for you to watch for in 2019 according to some wedding planners.

7 New destination wedding trends to watch for in 2019 according to wedding planners. Photo by Torre del Remei
Photo by Torre del Remei

Here are the 7 new destination wedding trends to watch for in 2019:


1. Gospel choirs

Though this hasn’t been quite trendy over the years, we can expect to see more of this in 2019 courtesy of Meghan and Harry whose royal wedding last year was graced by an amazing and soul touching gospel choir. A lot of couples have been making inquiries on how they can make a replica of their musical choice.


2. Balloon Walls

Balloon Walls? Yes, you got that right. Balloon walls are becoming the new flower walls says Mindy Weiss. She goes ahead to add that balloons are no longer just for New Year’s Eve and kid’s parties. They are beautiful and make great décor for all events, weddings inclusive. So expect to see more of this in 2019.


3. No make-up makeup

We’ve always known makeup to be an integral part of every woman’s wedding day. Natural beauty is something to savor, and the no-makeup theme is becoming popular these days. Women have treatments in the weeks leading to their wedding day, which brings out their natural beauty. Micro-needling for a bridal glow boost and micro-blading for perfect brows seem to be the most popular. Some hairstyles are also becoming popular such as unfussy up-dos, natural curls, and messy buns.


4. New line-ups

As we know, the usual wedding reception line-up begins with a band, a DJ following thereafter and whoever does the singing all-night. However, in 2018, lots of couples took things to a new level. They added a mix of musical acts, karaoke, two or more bands banging it up throughout the night, or a silent disco. So we think these festival vibes would be a trend in 2019.


5. Letter lighting 

According to ME Events Phuket, letter lighting is always a beautiful sight at weddings. You can create an impressive array of lit letters of words such as love or of your names. 2019 is sure to have a lot of couples going in for these.


6. Cozy ambiance and statement lighting

Most weddings have massive chandeliers and spotlights, which make it almost look like a staged performance. Some destination weddings tend to opt for candles as a more integrated option. According to the Wedding Bliss Thailand, there are numerous shapes and sizes from which you can make a choice. You can use only candles, creating a multi-layered arrangement. Lighting solutions such as rattan lamp-shades and designer lamps also give a more elegant look.


7. Dried flowers in bouquets

There is a growing trend for dried flowers, which was not usually the case as the former were beautiful and fresh bouquets. It is popular because of its unusual and wild look, and it also makes for a gorgeous scene. Though most brides would never want to get rid of fresh blooms totally, it seems florists are incorporating the dried flowers into the arrangements. This is definitely an exciting trend to look forward to.


Outlined above are some of the top new destination weddings trends to watch for this 2019, and they all seem exciting. Which of these trends appeal to you? It’s all up to you!






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