You will always want your groomsmen to be looking sharp and happy at your wedding. The old days had its own rules, but nowadays there are new rules to dressing your groomsmen.

7 New rules for dressing your groomsmen. Photo by Miguel Angel Muniesa
Photo by Miguel Angel Muniesa

Here are the 7 new rules for dressing your groomsmen:


1. Be cost-effective

All your friends may not have the same financial standing, so think of that when choosing a formalwear for them. Groomsmen traditionally take care of their attire, so make sure to choose something which suits their budget. When buying or renting suits, consider the cost.


2. Keep it nice and clean

For any wedding to go from special to mind-blowing, it needs proper grooming. Get the boys together a few days before the wedding to get a bachelor party haircut from the barber. It could be a beard trim for those who have kept some over the years or a straight-razor shave.


3. Have a chat with your spouse-to-be about her bridesmaids outfits

For a uniform and appealing appearance at the top of the aisle, the outfits of bridesmaids and groomsmen should complement each other. This doesn’t necessarily imply that it should be an exact match like it was decades ago. It is just so that your guys dress accordingly based on what the ladies are putting on.


4. Consider switching from the three-piece suit

You can go for something else than the traditional three-piece suit. There are lots of options to choose from. These options should, however, be in line with the formality and tone of the wedding. Some of these options include: dress pants and shirts with suspenders (no jackets); two-piece suits with no vest; dress pants and a shirt with a vest (no jacket) and a whole lot more.


5. Consider alternatives to traditional shoes

Considering the type of wedding you are planning, it could be quite fun for your groomsmen to wear some informal shoes. They can go with cowboy boots, a clean converse or some fresh sneakers. Dress shoes tend to be uncomfortable, especially when they are brand new. This could be a problem for the groomsmen when they are dancing. Non-traditional shoes are therefore the perfect fit to kick things up a notch.


6. Give your groomsmen different suit options to pick from

Supposing you want the boys to be in traditional matching suits, then select a few styles and discuss with them. You should take color and their bodies into consideration. Any suit style may do if they are all average, but in situations where some are shorter or taller, this won’t do. So endeavor to talk it through with them and find out what will suit everyone.


7. Get something special for them to put on

Be it choosing a precise look for your groomsmen or letting them make a choice; it’s always advisable to have some matching details for everyone. You can pick out cufflinks, ties, socks, boutonnieres or pocket squares for them. This would make your friends feel very special on your wedding day.


You should, therefore, consider these modern-day rules when dressing your groomsmen. This will guarantee an adorable wedding ceremony which will exceed your expectations.






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