When making a budget for your wedding, you should consider these 7 smart ways to trim your wedding budget.

You do not need an extravagant wedding to make this day memorable.

Simple and affordable also does the trick.


7 Smarts ways to trim your wedding budget. Photo by Marc Prades
Photo by Marc Prades

Here are the 7 points to cut down on your expenses:


1. Have a small briday party

Nowadays it is common to give your groomsmen and bridesmaids a token of appreciation for taking part in your wedding. Imagine having ten groomsmen and ten bridesmaids, which means buying gifts for about 20 persons. Make sure to include just your best of friends, ones who will be your friends in 5 or 10 years to come. You could go with some homemade gifts to cut down on the cost of buying expensive ones.


2. Set a limit to your guest list

Many people seem not to consider their guest list when inviting people for their weddings. There is a huge difference between having 130 or 160 guests. This difference in number can save you thousands of dollars. It’s okay to leave out some relatives or friends who you haven’t seen for long. If you feel like you won’t miss them, then it’s okay if you don’t invite them.


3. Choose off seasonal periods to host your wedding

Hosting your wedding during peak periods like summer will definitely attract high costs for renting venues. So choose winter or autumn when demand is low. Choosing these seasons will prompt the vendors to cut down on their prices. This is the best option for those on a fixed budget. You can also cut down thousands of dollars off your rental by hosting your wedding event on a Friday or a Sunday. Saturdays are generally more expensive because of the high demand for venues.


4. Go for a low cost but beautiful dress

It is common to hear that a beautiful wedding gown must cost a fortune. You will be amazed by some gorgeous and affordable wedding gowns on the market these days. Many shops and online stores have a wide variety to choose from in this regard, and they come for quite an affordable price.


5. Simplify your décor

Surprisingly, candles turn out to be one of the most beautiful decorative elements you can find out there. You are in luck as they can be purchased in bulk for a reasonable price. They also add a unique and romantic flair to your wedding. You shouldn’t have to go for huge spotlights and classy chandeliers to make a statement. Just have beautiful flowers, and lots of candles and everything will look just perfect.


6. You can hire music students from Universities

We all know live bands or DJs will charge a substantial amount for their services. You can go with music students from your local university. They will recommend some students who can play professional music. Hiring them will be a whole lot cheaper. However, make sure you hold a brief audition for them before going ahead with it.


7. Make use of family and friends offering creative services

You could have a friend who is a good photographer. Or a cousin who is a graphic designer. Maybe some of your friends are bakers, singers or one has a band. They may want to do these things for you on your wedding day at a reasonable cost. They will surely appreciate it and be honored that you chose them. It’s also a good way to help them out in their careers.






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