It’s no argument that the wedding planning process is very stressful and tiresome. At some point in time, you and your fiancé will need a break. This time off is very essential as it strengthens the bond between you and your spouse. It also helps you relax and keep you fresh for the next phase of the planning process.


5 Fun ideas to try when you and your fiancé need a break from wedding planning. Photo by Jordi Cassú
Photo by Jordi Cassú

There is a reason why everyone is allowed to take a leave of absence at work. They need to rest to return fresh and ready to continue their job.

This is also applicable in the wedding planning process. During this process, both of you need to do something which will take your minds of the planning process.

In this article, we will provide you with five fun ideas to use when you and your other half need a break from wedding planning.

1. Go on a date

Dates are a perfect way to take a break from wedding planning and strengthen your love as a couple.

Being apart is very stressful and may even be harmful to your relationship.

When you notice that the planning process has taken a toll on your relationship, stop and go on a date.


2. Visit the spa

There’s nothing more soothing than getting spa treatment when you are stressed.

This is one activity you can use to stay away from the wedding planning process with your spouse-to-be.

There are several local spas for couples in Spain. Pick a spa of your choice and rekindle the flame of your romance.


3. Take a trip

Taking a trip is the perfect way to take a break from the planning process. You do not necessarily have to leave town.

There are touristic sites in your area. Anyway, it’s all up to you. Decide whether you’ll take a weekend trip or a tour around town.

Just take a break from the wedding planning process and go somewhere!


4. Take dancing classes together

Have you mastered your dancing steps for the D-Day? I guess not! You are too busy planning for the big day, and there’s no time for that now. Get rid of this mentality right away!

Dancing is a fun activity you can use to take a break from wedding planning. Register both you and your spouse for dancing classes and fine-tune your skills. This is will fun and will also help you avoid embarrassment on the wedding day proper.


5. Watch a movie

Any activity which takes your mind away from the planning process is beneficial. Watching a movie can help relax your brain and relieve some of the wedding planning stress.

You can take your lover either to a cinema or watch a movie at home.

Get rid of everything related to the planning process and have some fun.


The wedding planning process if not well-managed, can cause a lot of tension between couples. You need to take a break and remind yourselves why you are getting married. Rekindle the love with yourselves with the above fun ideas and plan the perfect wedding.





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