Are you thinking of setting tradition aside and walking down the aisle together?

Many brides dream of the moviesque moment when their father gives them away to their soon-to-be groom.

The pros and cons of walking down the aisle together. Photo by Marc Prades
Photo by Marc Prades

But, there are many reasons why some couples decide this isn’t a good fit for them.

Whatever your reasons may be, consider these pros and cons before making this big decision.




1. It’s personal

You’ll add a personal twist to your ceremony and surprise your guests by walking down the aisle together.


2. It’ll dissolve your pre-ceremony nerves

Pre-wedding nerves are normal, but nerve-wracking. If you’re someone who tends to get overly nervous, sweaty and shaky, walking down the aisle together can be a great solution to stay calm and collected — especially if your fiancé is the one who calms your nerves best!


3. It’s modern

When you walk down the aisle together, you’re breaking the notion of the woman being “given away” by her father to her new husband and family. Walking together is a sign of unity and equality.




1. You’ll miss seeing the groom’s reaction

A big part of wedding day anticipation is walking down the aisle and seeing your soon-to-be groom’s reaction when he first sets eyes on you. This is often one of the most memorable parts of the ceremony and you’d miss out on it by walking together.


2. You may upset your dad

Your dad may have been dreaming of giving you away since you were a little girl. Walking down the aisle with your fiancé would take this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity away from him.


3. You could regret it

Couples that strive to go super modern when planning their wedding often regret their tradition-skipping decisions later. Wedding traditions are traditions for a reason, and your families have been following the same patterns for generations. It’s fun to compare photos and share stories as the years go by. You may regret missing out on one of the most fundamental wedding traditions around by walking down the aisle together.





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