Hosting a destination wedding abroad means you may have to cross a few time zones to celebrate your big day.

Everyone knows that changing time zones causes jet lag…

And jet lag causes dark circles under your eyes, sleepless nights and the general sensation of grogginess and exhaustion.

 How to get adjusted to a new time zone ahead of your destination wedding. Photo by W Barcelona Hotel.

Photo by W Barcelona Hotel. 


You don’t want to feel like a zombie during your destination wedding! Say goodbye to jet lag by putting these three expert tips into action.


1. Change your sleep times

First, figure out the time difference between where you live and where you’re getting married. Living in New York City and getting married in Barcelona?

That means you’ll be getting hitched six hours ahead of what your body is used to.

Prepare yourself by gradually waking up and going to bed later than normal.

The more you’re able to adjust ahead of time, the less jet lag you’ll experience when arriving to your destination.


2. Get lots of light 

Natural daylight helps reset your internal clock.

During the first few days of your trip, expose yourself to direct sunlight when you wake up every morning.

Go for a brisk walk or enjoy breakfast outdoors.

It’s important you stay awake during daylight hours, no matter how tired you are.

But, if you really can’t resist the urge to nap, limit it to a quick 20 minutes. Napping longer than that can leave you feeling drowsy and may disrupt your ability to sleep at night.


3. Stay healthy

Dehydration makes it harder for your body to adjust to a new time zone.

Avoid alcohol and drink plenty of water during your flight and at your destination. Eating light, healthy foods will also help.

Your body and mind will thank you for following these three tips to adjust to your new wedding time zone.



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