A lot of people have been to a lot of Spain wedding ceremony. However, it’s always a good idea to get an etiquette refresher.

Your ultimate wedding cerimony etiquette


You see, the ceremony is the part of a wedding that is filled with tradition.

Thus, the Spain ceremony etiquette is essential.

Before you attend or plan a wedding, be certain that you understand every wedding ceremony etiquette.


1. Refrain from Drinking or Eating

This is an etiquette that used to be noticeable but requires to be stated explicitly.

If you’re hungry, snack in the vehicle, or on the way to the wedding.

Do not do a Starbucks run on your way to the venue.

The only exclusion is slipping in a cough drop to quiet a cough which would be an interruption.


2. Respect Religious Customs

You might not share the groom’s or bride’s religion; however, you should respect it at their wedding.

That denotes following with the ebb and flow of the ceremony in cases where it’s expected the congregation will stand or sit at specific times.

What’s more, it also denotes joining in some customs and refraining from others.


3. Silence Mobile Phones

This is a new piece of Spain wedding ceremony etiquette that should be mentioned.

A wedding ceremony is a sincere proceeding, and must never be interrupted by ringing phones.

Make sure to turn off any electronic devices or leave them in your vehicle.


4. Don’t Upstage the Bride

This is a crucial point of a ceremony etiquette. It’s the day of the bride to shine in her pearl bridal jewelry and wedding gown.

No member of the bridal party or guest must do anything to draw attention away from the bride.


5. Don’t Interrupt the Wedding Processional

When a wedding is set to start at 1 pm, that doesn’t mean that wedding guests must come to the church at precisely 1 pm.

They must plan to be there roughly fifteen minutes before the ceremony starts.


While you are probably aware of some of the appropriate ways to act, it is essential to bear in mind the mentioned tips.

Don’t forget these Spain wedding ceremony etiquette. Preventing them will guarantee an insult-free wedding.







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