Thank You cards are one of the non-negotiable bits of stationery required for a wedding.

It is not uncommon to feel like it’s the end of the whirlwind ride after you have tied the knot.

However, your guests have given up their day, dressed to the nines, and probably bought you a generous gift.


5 Tips for writing your wedding thank you cards. Photo by FotoClip
Photo by FotoClip


They may have even paid a lot of money to travel and stay in your wedding spot.

The absolute least you can do is send them a Thank You note.

Although it may seem like a daunting and uninteresting task, it is important to get this done with as soon as possible and here are the best tips to accomplish this task.


Here are 5 tips for writing your wedding thank you cards:


1. Order Your Thank You Notes with Your Wedding Invitations

The best way to get your Thank You cards is to think about them early.

The last thing you want to do when you get home from your honeymoon is to have to go looking for wedding Thank You cards.

This will help you save valuable time as well as a possible discount, plus the added advantage of maintaining the original theme of the wedding.


2. Keep track of the gifts you receive

This may seem strange and even difficult given the circumstances under which you may receive wedding gifts, but keeping a list of gifts as you unwrap them is the best way to make sure you don’t forget to thank anyone who took out time to wish you well.

In addition, you won’t have to go through the awkward experience of guessing what each person got for you.


3. Keep Copies of your Guestlist

Your guest list is likely to have the postal addresses of all your invitees.

You will undoubtedly need this information come the time to send out your Thank You notes.

You could also email copies to your siblings or your partner for extra assurance. Now all you have to do is tick names off the list as you go.


4. Give your guests something to remember your wedding by

Whether it’s just referencing what their gift means to you, or inserting something physical (like a group shot from the day), always try to make your Thank You cards show that you genuinely appreciate them.

Also remember that most of your invitees are your friends and family members, so tailor the Thank You cards in a language that is personal and generous.


5. Stick to a formula

Determine what you will like to include on your Thank You cards and then make a formula to assist you as you go about it.

You have to know whether you want to thank them for their attendance, for their help in organizing the event or for any gift in particular, and then devise a formula to tackle each quadrant.

Tackling all at once may seem impossible, so divide into batches and send out gradually.

This will help give you a sense of accomplishment and motivate you to go on with it.


Remember that it is important to send out your written Thank You cards within a couple of months of your wedding.

This will help put your mind at ease as well as reassure your invitees that they are special to you and they positively impacted you on this special day.





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