“Some people look for a beautiful place. Others make a place beautiful.” – Hazrat Inavat Khan

Rock & is new age wedding photography company that goes above and beyond the traditional duties of wedding photographers. Their work speaks for itself in their ability to capture unique wedding moments. Their wedding portfolios are filled will wedding shoots that are each just as unique as the couples in them. The company limits the amount of weddings they work with every year in order to guarantee that each portfolio is given sufficient attention and dedication from the team.

Each portfolio that Sergio Gallegos and produce tells a story about the couple and their love. The team is dedicated to producing high quality wedding photography and they treat each wedding as if it were their own.

A few words from the company:


What makes unique within the sector is that we work to create a different concept of weddings uniting three main ideas: photo + travel + wedding planner. We know that the figure of a wedding planner is key in every wedding to ensure that the wedding is different and personalized so we work to assist you and your significant other in every way we can on your special day. In addition, our ability to move to spectacular locations in any corner of the world makes our wedding photography portfolios unique. We are not restricted to a certain area and have experience photographing brides and grooms in many different environments.

We have been in business since 2014 and have had the pleasure of photographing a plethora of different types of weddings.

Why Spain? Easy. Spain is a place of cinema, art and culture which is perfect for the celebration of a wedding. Spain is world famous for its gastronomic delicacies and ideal climate, which exists in only a select few places in the world. The Balearic area is one of the most popular destinations for couples seeking an international or destination wedding.


We work on each wedding portfolio from an emotional point of view striving to make each moment memorable. We also seek to create a unique wedding video for each couple and for this reason we do not outsource any part of the product.


Rock & Wedding is a new concept in which we specialize in capturing beautiful weddings, with class and above all we work to preserve your precious wedding memories. With our company you can count on a careful staging and organization of your wedding down to the smallest detail. We are passionate about photography and telling beautiful love stories from an artistic and natural documentary point of view.


We want you to have your dream wedding and we would be honored to be part of it. For that reason, we only carry out 10 projects a year, this way we can dedicate ourselves body and soul to preserving the memories of your special day. We will move to any town, city or country where our art is required. We love to work with adventurous couples who have a strong vision and a desire to do different things. brings you all the latest updates on every imaginable detail for your Wedding Day. Sign up!