When it comes to your wedding ring you want one where you look down and all the memories of your big day come flooding back to you and you can transport yourself back to that gorgeous day; that’s why you’re going to want a unique ring that’s one of a kind and completely special to you. Wedding rings aren’t just another piece of jewellery they’re a symbol and they signify something truly magical, your wedding!

MGjoies jewels spain4weddings

We had a quick chat with the jewellers at Ema-gé joies about what they do and this is what they had to say…

Ema-gé joies started when they realised the need to create jewellery personalised to each person, custom jewellery designed and created completely hand-in-hand with the client. The possibilities are as many as the imagination gives. The Ema-gé collections are always based on real experiences, in contact with nature and the environment. The characteristics of our pieces are organic shapes, as well as comfort and originality. Since 2009, Ema-gé joies has evolved to acquire a personality of its own and to approach all the people who are looking for different jewellery, adapted to their current life and the needs of each person, always with the exclusivity that creates original jewellery, handmade and unique pieces.”

“Spain is an ideal destination for a wedding. In Spain we have a lovely climate and offers gorgeous landscapes, with very different environments to choose from. We have two great cities recognized worldwide for their tourist attraction, and many other smaller cities, not so well known worldwide, but with an enviable charm. We have small towns that preserve the pride and richness of the authentic Spain. Spain has wonderful and diverse seas and beaches; as well as mountains, plains, meadows and deserts. Above all, the best thing about Spain is its people. The offer kindness, humour, sympathy and generosity… They always make the visitors feel comfortable and welcome.”

“Catalonia is an area with lots of artistic tradition and the jewellery of course. Ema-gé jewellery is in the centre of Catalonia, in Avinyó, a town of 2000 inhabitants surrounded by forests and fields. This gives the pieces a very direct contact with nature and an inevitable inspiration, which manifests itself in organic and sinuous forms. Having the city of Barcelona very close is also very important. Urbanity, the many influences that you find in the city, the most cosmopolitan area, the mix of cultures and trends, the variety of people and ways of seeing the life that we find in Barcelona, are of obligatory influence for anyone. Here the urban with the rural, the nature with the humanity, the asphalt with the land, the classic with the most modern and the individual with the collective are united. Mixing so many elements in a small territory makes the jewellery that’s created very varied with many different nuances and bags of personality. We design it all and what comes out is something new, with the authenticity of the people, the organic forms of nature and the tendencies of a great cosmopolitan city. A cluster of small things that come together to form different jewellery, with a rustic touch, but with the elegance of things well done, and above all it makes the wearer look amazing.”

MGjoies jewels spain4weddings

MGjoies jewels spain4weddings

Thanks to Ema-gé joies for the photos of their gorgeous personalised jewellery. If you need help with choosing your wedding rings or any other help with planning your dream wedding here in sunny Spain please don’t hesitate in contacting the Spain4weddings.com team.

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