Spain is a vast country so once you’ve chosen to get married in Spain you’ve then got to narrow down where in Spain to get married, there are endless choices from the Gaudi architecture of Barcelona, the classic Spanish countryside in southern Spain to the green and rocky landscapes of western Spain. However one option you shouldn’t leave out is the undeniably gorgeous Balearic Islands, a hidden gem in the Mediterranean Sea.

When you think of getting married in Spain the most obvious things that spring to mind are sun, sea and well sun…so why not have your wedding reception in the sun overlooking the beautiful Mediterranean Sea? Here at we’ve just brought on board a gorgeous venue that also offers 5* catering Flanigan, located on the beautiful Balearic Island of Mallorca. This amazing venue offers views overlooking the crystal blue waters of the port. Even just looking at the menu they offer for weddings our mouths are watering, they cook and prepare their food to such perfection that it arrives looking like artwork and it tastes unbelievable!

flanigan catering balearicislands mallorca spain4weddings

We spoke to the team down at Flanigan about what they do and getting married in Spain and this is what they said…

“Flanigan opened its doors in 1987 and since then it’s become one of the best places to eat fresh fish. Spanish royalty have chosen this restaurant many times when they visit the island. The restaurant stands out because of the quality of the ingredients it uses, it maintains the organic characteristics of their products and this helps to make a classic Spanish meal such as squid croquettes, Spanish omelette (and their famous apple tart). As well as this the service they offer and the friendliness with their customers.”

“What we want to emphasise is the catering service that we offer not only in the restaurant but also all across Mallorca, we’ll travel to private homes, rural estates and boats. The difference between us and other caterers is that Flanigan moves our restaurant anywhere. The final product comes prepared and cooked fresh, it’s not prepared in the restaurant and reheated at the venue. All dishes are served freshly cooked, that’s what makes the difference.”

“Spain is wonderful place to get married but we’re talking about Mallorca. It’s an island that catches you; it’ll make you fall in love with the variety of landscape that it offers, paradisiacal waters, beautiful fields that in Spring attract all kinds of tourists, the spectacular Sierra de Tramuntana with its beautiful villages. The quality of life in Mallorca and its climate are very good and that’s very important for the couple when choosing a place to get married. Getting married in winter as apose to summer doesn’t’ make much of a difference due to the sunny weather all year round. It’s very rare to find a rainy or very cold season in Mallorca. The English, Germans and also the Swedes have all fallen in love with the island over the last few years.”

“Like we said before you’re guaranteed quality with Flanigan. Whenever anyone mentions Flanigan everyone thinks about product quality, quality of service, trust and experience. We always pamper our customers so that they want to give us a good review and come back to us, it’s very important that we have a good word of mouth as our  customers are our best way of advertising.”

“The restaurant is located in the extraordinary district of Mallorca in the port of Puerto Portals, one of the most glamorous ports on the island.”

flanigan catering spanish ham spain4weddings

flanigan catering mallorca spain4weddings balearic islands

flanigan catering mallorca spain4weddings balearic islands

flanigan catering mallorca spain4weddings balearic islands

Thanks to Flanigan for the photos. If you need help with choosing a venue or any other help with planning your dream wedding here in sunny Spain please don’t hesitate in contacting the team. brings you all the latest updates on every imaginable detail for your Wedding Day. Sign up!