When it comes to the music of your wedding it definitely comes down to your personal taste and what you both want; however, you want professionals that are going to create a wonderful atmosphere and keep everyone relaxed during the festivities. Ligna Música is a classical quartet that is made up of four professional musicians who will bring a touch of class to your wedding both during the official ceremony and also during the festivities afterwards. Can you think of a better interlude than having four wonderful musicians playing beautiful melodic music whilst your guests enjoy the gorgeous vistas around them and munch on some delicious canopies before the big meal?

We had a quick chat with the musical minds at Ligna Música and this is what they had to say…

“Ligna Música is a group of young music professionals with lots of experience in entertainment for different types of event. This group project offers music of high quality with a close relationship with the client and music that’s totally personalised to the tastes and interests of the client.”

“Other groups are dedicated to doing concerts and who occasionally perform for events, whereas Ligna Música concentrate exclusively on the entertainment sector and in particular weddings. We’re constantly broadening our repertoire to include different styles and to offer a wide variety of songs. We’re also a group that perfectly combines both the woodwind (flute) and string (violin, viola and cello) families, this allows us to adapt to any repertoire or event.”

“Another of the unmistakeable aspects of Ligna Música is the personal relationship. We always design and prepare the repertoire according to the type of ceremony or event and following the preferences of the happy couple, we like to meet with the couple in person to get to know them better and to understand their ideas and to advise them etc.”

“You should get married in Spain because it offers a wide variety of scenery and landscaped where you can celebrate your special day: charming cities, gorgeous beaches and coves and country houses in the mountains where you can enjoy nature, all this accompanied by the best climate as throughout almost all of Spain the weather allows you to enjoy activities and celebrations outside almost all year round.”

“Our personal relationship and our focus exclusively on event entertainment is what characterises Ligna Música. The vitality and the youth of its members allows the group to constantly change and improve its repertoire to offer the best service to each client.”

“The thing we love the most is making music and seeing the strong effect we have during the most special moment of the bride and groom’s lives. It’s very gratifying and it makes us happy seeing the music move people.”


150911 Casament Marc i Raquel

All photo credits go to Ligna Múisca, thank you for the wonderful pictures! If you need any musical help or any other help with planning your dream wedding here in sunny Spain please don’t hesitate in contacting the Spain4weddings.com team.

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