Have you ever looked at a wedding cake and the figurines on top and thought “well that doesn’t really look like the happy couple but I guess that’s as close as they could get.”
Well think again because Spain For Weddings has found the solution to these rubbish generic figurines and it’s called Selfier House!

Selfier House take your photo in your favourite clothes or wedding attire and then make a 3D figurine from the photo, meaning that every detail is captured and portrayed in your own personal mini me. Now when everyone is checking out your cake they’ll know straight away that it’s you and it’ll also be a special and unique memento for you both to take away with you along with the memories of your beautiful Spanish wedding of course!

We had a quick chat with the team at Selfier House and this is what they said…

“We provide people with unforgettable presents for the most important moment in their lives. Without a doubt one of those is their wedding.” “We’ve got lots of experience with over a year working in the sector.” “Spain is a leading country in services related to tourism. Our combination of sun, culture, landscapes, food, tourist infrastructure and our level of service makes Spain one of the most excellent countries for tourism in the world.”
“We think that being at the commercial core of the city (Barcelona) is a plus in the service that we offer to our clients.”



If you need help with these little details of your wedding or any other help with planning your dream wedding here in sunny Spain please don’t hesitate in contacting the Spain4weddings.com team.

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